Are you Ready?

A new day is calling you. You are just a step away from being the person you wanted to be.

A step that requires undettering focus and lots of faith on yourself.

You are the best! You have always been the best.


You were ready then and ready now as well.

Its just the one percent extra that you needed to deliver, just one percent extra you should have paid attention to, just one percent extra you needed to believe in yourself.

Your skills and abilities are with you. Do not doubt them. They are unique and very beautiful.

Just take that step, open your wings, spread your feathers, make the warcry and let the world know you have arrived.

Before you know the world will be yours.

Fear none as fear has given you nothing, it’s your enemy.

Trust all but before anybody else trust your abilities.

Do not do it for your self but for that, the world is going to benefit because of you.

Just go!


Published by Sakti

Simple living, lots of talking

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