Moment well spent

While every passing moment is an opportunity going away from us, every moment is the opportunity that has the potential to change the world.

The feeling of achievement comes from a moment and repetition of such moments called as a successful life. But those moments are here and now but by the time we realize they are nowhere and gone.

It is not necessary that every moment well spent meaning accolades from somebody external. It can be you appreciate yourself. Are we recognizing ourselves enough to train our mind what is a good time and what is not good.

When you think of all successful people deep enough to understand why they are successful then you will find a few moments of glory which was visible to mankind. What you will not be able to see is the millions of moments of preparation whether mental or physical which made them what they are.

It is your moment. It may be the end of a year but it is that moment. It is the moment which was destined to change your life. It’s the moment when you were supposed to either prepare to create history or create history. It is your day, your time, your moment. Live it fully. Live it like a king or queen. Live it so that tomorrow you would say a moment well spent.


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