Entertainment! Entertainment! Entertainment!

If I look back 8 waking hours, I could find the most important task in my mind was to get entertained.

Entertainment can be as pious as reading a story to as sinful as … (up to your imagination).

If entertainment is occupying so much space and first in the queue of our priority list then there must be something which is taking a back seat or been squeezed? It can be work, family, self-improvement or personal finance etc.

Entertainment at fingertip

Once you complete one entertaining act, you must either withdraw from the act of entertainment forcefully or keep finding sources of entertainment which are more entertaining than the current one.

The search of “More” entertaining act has led people to do damaging acts. Usage of narcotics or other forms of intoxication by school kids to adults is due to the same search. Unfortunately, meaningful acts do not provide instant pleasure hence are considered boring but if somebody pursues the meaningful act with perseverance will start finding pleasure soon and that is positive intoxication.

Great scientists, philosophers, and artists are also intoxicated by the act but its positive intoxication. Millions of people in current time are deprived of the meaningful activities that they could have been indulged with due to their intoxication to instant entertainment.

What must be done? Learn to get bored. Yes, I mean it!

Learning to get bored can be achieved by limiting your entertainment to a minimum.

  • Replace thoughtless entertainment (watching) to thoughtful entertainment (Listening, Reading, observing, writing, singing).
  • Replace highly distracting entertainment (Digital) to low distracting (Physical books, cooking, gardening, pets)
  • Stop multitasking, how small the task may be, do it with complete physical and mental attention.
  • Start increasing entertainment free time week after week. Starting with one hour zero entertainment to 80% of your waking hours.
  • Take these steps without putting too much pressure on yourself. If you fail to achieve give yourself one more time.

We must practice immediately if you want your kids or juniors to follow this. Else, you will not be surprised if kids choose socially, physically and pshycologically damaging entertaining activities.


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