Good मौनing



Sarita started running towards their roof to get the socks while Manoj is busy polishing the shoes when they heard the school bus is honking near the gate. Pintu their younger child studies in an English medium CBSE school which is 17 Kilometers from their newly built home. His bus comes at 6:55 AM.

While Pintu’s parents are busy getting him ready, his grandmother is ensuring that Pintu finishes his breakfast. The last bite left so she was trying to feed Pintu so that they need not worry about him as his next meal will be around 11 AM.

Pintu was ready in few minutes. School Bus driver was honking impatiently. Manoj, Sarita and Pintu’s Grand Mother were running towards the bus which was mostly like dragging half sleepy Pintu to the bus. Suddenly Pintu stopped as he felt uncomfortable and threw up everything that he had in breakfast.

Entire situation seemed like taking a U-turn. Sarita got water to wash Pintu’s mouth, Manoj got a cloth to clean the shoes, and his Grand Mother ran to get some biscuits for Pintu to eat something on his way to school. Within next 30 seconds, they were again ready and running towards the bus. Pintu sat in Bus and left for school by saying bye to all.

Sounds crazy but familiar, huh?

But this situation is missing a significant point. Here all characters are working towards the solution without uttering a single word. They all are ‘Maun’ but very active and result oriented. Now let’s just add some words to this situation and see how it looks.

” I told you yesterday night to get the socks ready, but you did not listen. Now we have to run at the last moment to collect the things from here and there. Not sure when you will learn all these. You are old enough to get your things ready for school. In your age, I used to even prepare my breakfast.”, Sarita shouting at Pintu while running towards their roof to get the socks.

“Just get the socks, the bus is waiting. What’s the point talking all these now”, Manoj trying to stop Sarita from scolding Pintu while busy polishing the shoes.

All these started when they heard bus was already there near their gate and they did not even realize that it was already 6:55 AM.

Pintu was continually telling that ” I am not feeling well. I don’t want to go to school.”

Manoj shouted at him, “You have to go to school every day. No excuses. Eat fast, your bus is waiting.”

By now Sarita had got the socks and helping Pintu wear. With Manoj scolding Pintu, Sarita said, “You can scold him, but if I tell anything it sounds unnecessary.”

Manoj responded, “There is a difference in the way you speak, and I speak. Do not compare!”

Pintu’s grandmother interrupted and said, “Do not fight early morning. Sarita can you get some water for Pintu.”

Sarita still angry with Manoj’s remark went to get the water.

Pintu’s grandmother finally pushed the last morsel into Pintu’s mouth and was relaxed. Pintu was as unhappy as he was when all the adults at home determined to wake him up to send to school. He was barely interested in eating, but he still kept the food in the mouth to get rid of the situation around him. Now his grandmother started pulling him towards the bus while Manoj was carrying his bag and tiffin box.

By the time Sarita came back with water, Pintu suddenly felt uncomfortable and shouted, “Stomachache! Stomachache” and vomited all that he had.

“I was telling you. Don’t force him to eat right now. He could have had the remaining in Bus. Now you see what happened?”, Sarita shouted as her mother-in-law.

Sarita was washing Pintu’s mouth, and Manoj was busy wiping the shoe so that it is clean. Pintu’s grandmother went running to the kitchen to get some biscuits for Pintu so that he can have something when on the bus and not remain empty stomach till 11:00 AM.

Finally, Pintu went on the bus, and all wished him good day but after the bus left all were not normal. The words of war that happened during last few minutes had remains which had potential to last for days. If disturbed further it can last a lifetime. Which seems a non-issue can turn into an unresolvable critical, life-threatening issue by misuse of words.

God has given us the ability to speak as one of the greatest power, but it’s misused most often than used. Words are used for solving two main purposes.

  1. Information Sharing- Pass an important message to another or respond to another person’s query. This helps gain knowledge. This is intended for the intellectual purpose only.
  2. Feelings Sharing- Share our feelings or respond to another person’s feelings. Sharing is intended to either make oneself feel better or the recipient feel better. This is intended for therapeutic purpose only.

But if you look at most talking that is happening around you, there is a big percentage of talking that neither enhances knowledge nor makes somebody feel better.

I know its too serious and boring but at least when you want to accomplish a lot in a short time or you are handling a critical piece of work then it is better to remain मौन than sharing your intellect or feeling. If absolutely necessary, then dedicate some time intended for retrospection to make things better.

Good Mauning!!!!



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