Opened WordPress after few weeks today.  The post that appeared first was ‘Mighty’. Time in hand and desire to write something made me think who is mighty. I started searching mighter objects from pen to nuclear bomb, from sword to volcanic posts but still felt something was missing. Who or what is the mightiest of all? Two cups of tea, several crazy thoughts could not find the mightest. There is always something mightier than the mightiest I could think.

Then I started thinking why am I trying so hard. It’s no competition. Maybe nobody will recognize my efforts and findings when I publish the post. Why am I struggling so hard?

It’s the desire. It’s the desire to do the best. The desire to remain afloat even if nobody watching. Maybe desire is the mightiest. I went ahead with this hypothesis. Even the mightiest weapon is used by an individual to achieve something. Then upon thinking I realized, the weapon is the tool. Next focus was on the human who is using the tool. But once again human body is nothing but a tool. So who is driving the human to use the mightiest tool? It’s desire. So I concluded that ‘Desire’ is the mightiest of all. If you can use your desire effectively then you are the mightiest.


Stray Dog via Daily Prompt: Mighty


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