Bandh – A Stray Dog Experience

Silence everywhere, no bus, no truck, no taxi, no bike. Plenty of food for me at the corners of the street as the garbage collector didn’t come today to clear the garbage. Occasionally a speeding bike can be spotted on the streets. I am clueless what happened. A street which used to get filled with all kind of vehicles making crazy sounds at each other, farting ugly smoke vanished suddenly. I with my friends enjoyed the dustbin search and feed ourselves activity. Nobody was there to shoo us away, and there were enough for all of us.

While we were enjoying our breakfast, we heard the sound of a mob. They came running as if they have something important to do and they seemed in a hurry. We dropped the food and started observing them. They have sticks, stones and some paper posters in their hand. The first reaction from all of was fear, then we barked at the crowd to tell them that don’t attack us otherwise we will bite you, but they hardly bothered. They came running towards the dustbin, looking at their aggression we ran away from theirs.Later we realized that they had nothing to do with us, they were coming towards a big car parked next to the dustbin.

Cars are very interesting creatures. They make a strange noise, fart bad smell all the time and unmovable when humans are not inside them. They are pretty insensitive as well. Many times they have run over our puppies, but they seem to have no regret. They don’t even look back although humans inside them look back at times. We hate them for their insensitivity.

But this car which was kept next to dustbin was smelling nice. Pretty surprised how these many humans will sit inside this car. This doesn’t look that big.

To our surprise, they didn’t open the door of the car but toppled it. Then one human poured some bad smelling liquid on it and put fire on it.The car started burning, and there was the huge flame. We too hate cars, but mostly we feel like biting it but burning it was uncool. Surprisingly it didn’t even make a single sound of pain when it was burning. It proved us that it is truly emotionless.

We were unable to understand what’s going on. When in other days funny looking men and women used to sit inside cars or on some variant of motorcycles and try moving faster despite no space on the street, today despite empty road nobody in there on the street. Then one of my cat friends came running and told me that some influential people and declared bandh. Upon questioning, she told that bandh meaning when some group of people threatens authorities that they will not let basic facilities run. I asked, “why do they do that?” Then she explained this will cause inconvenience to fellow citizens which will put pressure on authorities listen to their demands. We all laughed at this illogical logic. My friend Tommy said, “In the world of insensitive people they are using sensitivity as a tool to get tasks accomplished. They destroying things will force authorities to take action? If any of our dogs do this kind of crazy thing, we all will bite him or her to death but will never listen to the crazy way of requesting.” We all laughed loudly. Suddenly a bottle full of liquids came towards the dustbin. Before we could come close to that to investigate the bottle burst with lots of fire coming out of it. Most of my friends died in that, and I survived with just 3 legs.


– Stray Dog



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