Invisible Tears

This year has been a year of separation for stray dog. Stray Dog hardly ever cared about attachments hence never bothered about separation but consecutive separations are making stray dog emotional. Separating from great friends is the toughest part of life.

Yes talking about physical separation only. People, places and relationships remain in our emotional bank irrespective of whether you call yourself stray or pet.

Tears flow when the emotional bank is robbed, only difference is for some its visible and for others it is only visible to self.

Every great opportunity comes with a great loss. At times we don’t see or realize the opportunity during loss, similarly we don’t realize the loss while accepting opportunity.

We assume every opportunity is the way forward and every loss as way backward but, if we look holistically you will see ultimately you are at the same point where you were. Change around you is just illusion that makes you either happy or sad.

But emotional bank doesn’t understand all these philosophy. It is there to only lose. It falls in love, it falls in separation, it falls in sorrow and the entire emotional world reverberates around fall but the bank gets richer with every fall. The only positive transaction happens in emotional bank when you get materialistic. But you must realize that in emotional bank, positive is true negative.

With invisible tears, fake smiles and illusions of loud actions stray dog is celebrating today a new fall in the season of separation.


Stray Dog


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