Open Position – Chief Positivity Officer

We are the largest Multinational company on this universe. We have expertise in consultancy, manufacturing, software, financial management, art, nation building, pharmacy, healthcare, banking, teaching, rather it would be easy to say in anything and everything that a human can do or need.

Since past few millenniums we found lots of time and energy wasted due to abrasion, friction and corrosion.

We are in search of an individual who can remove obstacles on our path and lubricate the functioning. After several years and lots of money we realized that smooth functioning of any machine requires lubrication and smooth functioning of any human requires positivity.

Positivity that is based on truth not hype or illusion.

Positivity which is easy to believe and remains throughout.

Positivity that has no selfish motive as driver.


If you feel you are the one, please apply here.



Human Race



Stray Dog


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