Happy Outside

Evening 7:30, while most of the city is heading home, bunch of passionate engineers brainstorming in a closed room about new issue that was reported by one premium client and trying their best to find resolution to it.At times discussing an issue to find resolution unknowingly takes its turns towards blaming each other or discussing topics which has no role to play in troubleshooting process. Hence the temperature in that room was going up time to time.

After sometime Aarshiya, one of the smart engineers, came out of the room as if she has some important task to complete but spent time talking general topics with others and did not show any hurry to go back to the discussion room. A friend of her noticed Aarshiya’s sudden exit from the discussion room and passing time outside while the rest of the team was struggling asked her, “Why are you not inside?”.

She immediately responded, “Because I am happy outside”.  Clueless about this response her friend changed the topic. After 15 minutes or so, Aarshiya went into the room and shared her idea of resolution to the problem and everybody agreed and discussion ended.

Aarshiya’s friend noticed this and asked Aarshiya to help explain the statement, “Happy Outside”.

Aarshiya explained, “It is the nature of any task is to drag you into the problem. In the process of finding resolution, we first try to understand the problem but in the process of understanding the problem we tend to get into the problem and sometimes become part of it. It is extremely important for an effective troubleshooter to come out of the problem after understanding it and stop thinking about the problem.Happiness and relaxed mind is the biggest source of energy to help find resolution to any kind of problem. Hence it is important we come out of the problem, relax and make ourselves happy and feel comfortable to find appropriate solution.Hence in order to unstuck myself and help find a solution I apply the trick called, ‘Happy Outside'”.

Her friend felt it as great idea and started implementing the same. Many a times when they meet in office they greet each other stating, “Happy outside” to remind the concept.


-Stray Dog


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