Missing : Heaven and Hell

“Heaven and Hell Missing”, Headline of a leading newspaper reads.  It continues, ‘PTI reported today that Heaven and hell has been missing since today morning. Major religious books and leaders confirm the news. One of the religious leader confirmed to PTI that, “Today morning when I picked our religious book for study as part of daily ritual I found that the mention of heaven and hell are missing. I tried to inquire with fellow members of our community and they all reported the same. Just now I also heard from the religious leaders of other communities and religions that they observed the same.”

This has created havoc in many groups because they don’t know where to go after release from earth. The only option left to them is to just focus on their duties on this earth.Major religious hardliner organizations found it as a conspiracy against them. They fear drop in the recruitment of youngsters who were willing to do anything with the only hope that they can go to heaven by doing the holy act of destroying/releasing the nonbelievers of their truth.

Many who were planning for their future abode have started focusing on their today’s stay. Lot of love, compassion and support for each other is seen on this earth as people think they cant preserve any for future..

An FIR has been logged against this act under severe pressure from some political wings who think this is an act of opposition Due to no clue on how to proceed further, Police is planning to close the case stating it is an ‘Act of God’.


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