Out of my many show-off habits, one is to show that I am a very fit and energetic person. Friends in my close vicinity would agree with my statement. I had bought a bi-cycle couple of years back to use as my primary mode of transport to office and first hand tool to satisfy my show-off need. I used cycle for few months but then I had many valid reasons to justify why I stopped riding bi-cycle to office. But ‘junked’ cycle under my flats staircase reminds me every day about the commitment I made to it.  Hence, when I get time to ride it, I take it to do my daily chores. Today was such a day hence I took my cycle to get milk wearing a raincoat as it is raining continuously since past 3 days. While I was returning home one car came rushing from the other side. At that very moment I was just next to a big muddy puddle and as I feared the car splashed almost 90% muddy water in the pothole on myself. The immediate reaction was to scold the person riding the car while removing the mud on my lips, “Uneducated Idiot fellow!!!”. Came home cursing the person and all car drivers which included me as well. Took a bath of lifetime to ensure I am clean. But a thought stuck to my mind.

What does educated means? It seemed to be a very difficult question despite several years of education and use of this word. I was surprised to know that after spending 1/3rd of my life time (1/3rd because I feel I will live for 108 years 🙂 ) as an educated person I don’t know what does educated means.

What I studied in my schools are colleges I have forgotten the details of most except the ones I practice daily. Possessing certificates of education mean education? Ability to understand the context and add value to any conversation, is that education? Knowing how to behave with others in society, is that education? Ability to survive any situation, is that education? I was not sure. I spent 1/10th of my life pursuing my basic schooling but I use barely 2% of the knowledge that I gained. I spent barely 2% of my life in gaining the practical understanding but I use it for 98% of times.

I was fortunately stay in a villageish environment where my fiends were from different type of families. I have seen my friends joining in their father’s business prior to as well as post the school timings. Some were working in farms and some in the restaurant where their father was the owner. They used to talk as adults when the topic was about the business their father was in. They had practical understanding of the business. For them their father’s business was priority number 1 as compared to the school. Most of them joined their father’s business post formal education and have taken it to another level. They were trained to become entrepreneurs and their early understanding about business and opportunities to fail early in their life have made them successful.

I understand it is not applicable to all but shouldn’t we learn more the skills that we need throughout our life. The skills we call as life skills or survival skills. I tried to understand what are the major problems current generation faces and the skills that would help avoid such problems.

1. Unable to manage money: I have seen generations struggling to manage money. Majority get trapped into loans and bad investments during their early youth. By the time they learn it, they are already burdened so much that they live rest of their life in difficulty. Lucky are the few who get to learn this early. As a society shouldn’t we teach them how to handle or manage money early in life.

2. Unable to manage relationships: Relationship is often said as a sweetmeat which the person who possess repents and who does not possess also repents. With 7000 years of human experience and knowledge can’t we teach kids how to manage relationships so that we create a win-win situation throughout our life. Man and Woman should be supporting each other so that they can together perform the duties towards the society. Now a days men and women are so busy handling their internal problems that they are not able to help the society as much as they could do.

3. Unable to manage stress: Frequent cases of cardiac arrests, diabetics, nervous failure among young speaks loudly about the huge presence of stress in society. Can’t the kids be taught how to manage stress and stay happy in every situation.

4. Unable to do basic household chores: I see the greatest struggle at the moment is nobody is interested to do household chores. The biggest reason is for past couple of hundred years it was given as responsibility to ladies in families hence men thought its not something they need to worry about. Now with changing society and rightfully both men and women share every responsibility but when it comes to home management men usually take a step back. This puts women in a disadvantageous position. This creates a lot of stress and unhappiness in society. It is necessary we teach boys and girls home science so that when they grow up they know its the duty of all in family to do household chores and manage house. It will bring peace and happiness to the society.

5. Unable to survive in difficult situations: How can one be called grownup if he/she does not know how to swim, able to protect self and others from difficult situation. Hence physical education should be made as a primary subject.

6. Unable to understand and apply right medicine in emergency: Although modern medicine requires detailed study and understanding before applying, the ancient natural medication is easy to understand and apply for basic problems.It is necessary for every kid to know this while growing up so that they don’t abuse modern medicine rather appropriately use ancient medicine.

7. Unable to communicate feelings/emotions: I have seen how much of ones career is lost due to lack of ability to effectively communicate. Despite talent people suffer pain and distress. Hence it is essential for every kid to learn communication skill which include convincing skill, debating skill and most importantly listening skill.

9. Unable to stand out in a group: Arts in any form is not only stress buster but also a to stand out in a group. This fulfils your desire to be loved by others. Hence every kid should at least know one form of art while growing up.

10. Unable to understand why we do what we do: Last but not the least is basic science and mathematics. Basic understanding of why and how the things happen around us is essential to remain smart and useful to the society.

Hope one day I will get educated and till then I do not have any right to call anybody as uneducated or idiot.


– Stray Dog


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