Order! Order!

A big hall with high ceiling, four ceiling fans hanging, room filled with two dozen people and an empty high chair at one end of the hall.Everybody is eagerly waiting for somebody. A loud announcement made everybody silent. The announcement was to inform that the Judge is entering the hall. Now I realized that this is a court room and felt silly about myself for not recognizing it earlier, despite seeing this scene several time in hundreds of movies I have watched till date.

Although I was able to see everything to understand what’s going on here but all the faces of people were blurred. I kept on observing the activities in the courtroom.

Judge came and sat on the chair while all stood up to give him respect. Once settled, the judge called one member to the cubicle next to him. The name was familiar to me, it was my colleague. As soon as he went and sat in the cubicle, judge started giving his judgement and convicted him as an arrogant and selfish person. Rest in the hall were murmuring about how unfair the judgement was without giving an opportunity to the suspect. Then judge announced the punishment that he will remain excluded from all support and assistance. He said, “We will find ways to make him fail at any opportunity that comes next”. I was shocked to see how bad the judgement was. The judgement continued for many more people and to my surprise all were very well known to me. It went on for half a day. Then the time was for the next suspect. After hearing the name, I was dumbfounded. It was my spouse. The charges were of being ‘selfish’, ‘not understanding the feelings’ and ‘nick picking things to create disturbances’. By this time the hall was extremely frustrated with the judge and judgement. I was annoyed to the extreme. I wanted to run to the judge and throw him out of the chair. I attempted but something stopped me. I could not wait and watch my spouse getting convicted for silly and untrue charges in front of public. I put my all force to barge inside the courtroom and after some attempt I could. I ran to the judge and wanted to hold his collar and throw him from is chair. I extended my hand to hold his collar to find the judge was nobody else but me.

The courtroom was filled with all people I know. Recalling the judgements I was hearing for half a day I realized, these were the feelings and thought I carry about them.

I saw myself who was sitting in the judges chair was a weak, tired and powerless person. The sadness of losing I saw in his eyes in more than the combined sadness of all the people he convicted till now.

Now I wanted to run away from this courtroom. I escaped the room as soon as I can and reached the hallway. Then I found thousands of similar rooms on the hallway. I peeped in some of them to realize in every room judgement is going on. A convict in one room is also a judge in another.


Yes, We all judge each other just from our point of view and punish them for their act. We don’t even care to listen to their point of view. The most interesting part is, they even don’t know that you have convicted them and what punishment you have awarded to them. But the end result is our behaviour towards them and increased anxiety within ourselves. The person ultimately getting punished is ourselves. We make our life miserable by developing different behaviour and attitude towards others. It is not only tiring but also kills our spirit of a good human being. Assume how easy it would be if we treat everybody equally with one behaviour, the behaviour that is true reflection of our good self’s true character. It would be less tiring as we don’t have to act differently but also we will be known as a good human being. In order to achieve this happy situation we must stop being judgemental. I know it is easy to say than to implement but as soon as we meet someone or think about someone if we can practice to utter a few words, “I respect you as you are and I will continue to do so may whatever the situation becomes” and see the magic it will bring in your day and life.


– Stray Dog


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