City of Chaos/Joy

Trying to avail the best suited shortcut to reach destination sacrificing physical comfort of self as well as others, frustration of not achieving goal, disturbance in the emotional space for undue expectations at home as well as work place, inconveniences caused by government or opposition and unkind nature (sun in specific) has irritated each and every passerby on a busy Kolkata road approaching a local railway station. Every one on the road is expecting other to be sensible and kind whereas nobody in a position to be so.

The first thought that came to my mind looking at the crowd was ‘Chaos’ and could find only one word for people all around i.e. selfish. The next emotion developed in my mind was ‘frustration’, which resulted in ‘hatred’ and finally I became one among the crowd.

I heard this city to as ‘City of Joy’. Huh!! where is joy?

It took me no time to be one like them and flowing in the same pattern. I was walking and struggling like thousands of people all around. What I observed then was surprising and against the law of nature as I once believed. People are rushing towards the train to catch the train without even touching each other, few millimeters of foot rest while hanging of train entrance was something to fight for, without even uttering a single word or hurting the other, finding a way into the compartment and coming out of the compartment while there are dozens of people are blocking your way without hurting another, people are able to maintain the number of the creases in their shirt despite the crowd, business is as usual inside a fully packed compartment, hundreds of people are walking on the street in different directions in a busy road without even touching each other. What I found actually was a strict discipline. Unsaid, unwritten rules followed by every individual despite their financial, social, cultural, religious and physical status.The place which looked utterly chaotic was actually a well planned, thought and disciplined movement.

The moment I realized this, I found the fun, entertainment, intellect, cooperation, friendliness and respect for each other. A beautiful place to be. A place where people discuss their worries and retrospect everyday freely, where the social and political decisions are evaluated everyday, place where literature gets its due credit and a place where human despite several social, economic and spiritual levels respect each other, equality amidst inequality can be only witnessed here.

A first glance which looked like ‘City of Chaos’ looked like ‘City of Joy’.

One thought strengthened in my mind is that truth can only be experienced. There is absolutely no other way to validate what is the truth.


– Stray Dog


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