Real vs. Physical World

It takes just a moment to make or break a persons spirit, who is looking outward. 3 or 4 people gather around a person and talk about something that embarras the person will bring the person’s confidence down but at the same time if they appreciate or talk good things about the person it will boost the spirit up. Looking outward is natural and does not require any effort. Our physical eyes let us only look outward. When we open our eyes if we think deep we find ourselves lonely on this earth and find ourselves tiny in front of the entire universe that we can see. We feel powerless in front of so many people with so different thoughts who have no interest in us. The only way to win that world is by showing our own superiority though Physical power, psychological power or resource power. But despite all the power you can accumulate, you will have somebody who can let you down easily. A never ending war that only be ‘In progress’ but can never ‘end’.

On the contrary the real world is when we close our eyes. Ample of opportunities to explore the unleashed strengths, opportunities and energy.Resources that are absolutely yours and god gifted. Nobody to complete with except self. No need to show your power to win but just put efforts in right direction. A battle which will make your life more meaningful and always successful. Happiness or pleasure will be regular attendance in the war with self whether you lose or win. Nobody can let you down irrespective of whatever may be the situation. And you are the hero of your world.

It is not possible to remain in the inner world and survive due to bodily needs hence we need to live most of our day in the physical world. But a simple effort to live at least the number of minutes as your age in inner world will bring you enough energy to remain content and confident for rest of the day despite looking outward.


– Stray Dog


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