Meeting with someone special

“Meet me at Atlantis Park At 7:30 PM today. It’s urgent”, An SMS among  dozens of other marketing SMSes caught my eye while going in the elevator. Number is not in contact list and can’t recall who it may be. Extremely curious to know the person who sent this text but have a meeting in just a minute. Rushed to Rakesh one of my team lead and requested him to manage the meeting without me as I have got something urgent to do in personal front. Went out and called the number but no response. Tried 5 to 6 times but still no response. Sent many texts back asking who is the person and why he/she wants to meet me. Not sure why I was so anxious, where I had the option to ignore it. 10 minutes effort to reach the number was unsuccessful.

It was 3:15 PM and I was clueless. Not able to concentrate at my work. Sent an text saying ,”If you don’t tell me who are you, I will not come.” and thought I will take that stand but somehow was not able to take that stand. At 7:30 PM, I had an important meeting where I had to represent my team and in no situation I would skip it but I felt like approaching my manager to say that I have got some personal work, can I skip it. He agreed and assured me that he can take care of it. It was 7:15 PM and Atlantis park was just 5 minutes walk from my office. Started from my desk to reach there. I was sweating for no reason despite sitting in a air-conditioned room.  Walked till the park and slowed my walking speed when I reached near the park to not give the person a feeling that I am too anxious but I was racing inside my mind.

7:31 PM, I entered the park. It was dark, as night was approaching fast, clouds were giving extra cover to my worry and there were big banyan trees all around.Beautiful park but I had never visited it. Some evening joggers were finishing their last lap and going out. The vendors selling different snacks, balloons and other attractive toys were also packing their shop in order to go home. Only few kids were playing the swing in the north west corner of the park. I could hear their guardians are requesting/ordering/ threatening to come out soon. Not sure where to find this anonymous guy I started walking on the jogging track which covers the complete park. Very anxious and a disturbed me, trying search all around to find that person. It was getting dark and dim park light were not even enough to see and recognize anybody. I was looking at my watch may be 10 times in a minute and wondering why the time is not passing.

7:56 PM, I heard foot steps of one person just behind me. I turned back. To see a somebody similar to my physical built is walking behind me and gradually came next to me. I did not stop and continued and he continued at the same pace. I was little scared now. Then I heard him saying, “Thank you for coming”.

I stopped instantly and said, “So, you sent the text.”, paused for a while as my fear, frustration was turning to anger. “Do you know, you wasted my entire day? I could not work at all. I skipped such an important meeting for you. I sent you hundred texts, couldn’t you respond and clarify my doubts. I am not sure why I came but this is not done.”, paused for few seconds to breath and see my anger cooling down a bit. “Now tell me why you called me here urgently when you did not even come in time. I am sure it is not to walk in the park.”.

“Can we talk sitting on this bench?”, he said. I obliged and sat there even before he sat down.

“I was there all the time but you did not notice.Because you were looking for me in a wrong direction.”, He said.

“What life are you leading? Where is your life?”, He asked.

“What do you mean? I am perfectly fine. By the way, are you trying to sell some product to me. If so please stop the conversation here and let me go. How does it matter to you about my life?”, I was sure this guy is of no god use and as wasted my time. rather I am a fool to get carried away by just an SMS. I started to go out.

“Please sit for a while. I won’t take more than 5 minutes of your time.”, I sat down.

“Everybody avoids me as I do not give pleasant experience to anybody or their close ones. But I love everybody. You are living your life like a dead leaf floating in a water stream. Situations all around you are driving you and you are just getting carried away by that. You have no definite goal or destination. You are reacting as the situation demands emotionally, mentally as well as physically. You are not using even the minimum percentage of power that a human possess. You are not living. Let me tell you, I am your death. I am here to take you along with me. But it looks like you never lived a life of your own. I feel pity for you for wasting a lifetime just chasing some stuffs that never mattered to you. What you want for your life, a good morning or a good night? Who matters to you your friends, family or people you do business with? What is important for you money or happiness? What do you care most your friendship, your reputation, your righteousness or your love for society? Who are you by the way? you can’t chose. How do you think people who have lived or dealt with you will remember you if I take you now? What you achieved that you are proud of and what you could have achieved more? what you will repent if I take you away now?

My dear friend, you are meant to do a lot here. You have magical powers within you and enormous strength to achieve it. Do not waste it by just flowing with the situation. Manage your situation. Manage your emotions, Manage your life. Be a true manager of your life. Else, I will feel bad as I am the one who will be blamed for all your failures because I am the ‘Dead you’. A flickering lamp on top of our bench suddenly came to its full form to help me see the person’s face clearly. It’s just another me. But with lot of hope in his eyes from me. He said, “You are my life and I am your death. Please take care so that I will feel proud.”.


– Stray Dog


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