Happy Birthday!!

Apologies to self for not wishing happy Birthday and it’s already 5 days past it. Birthday is a time when you get to know the value of your existence. It is kind of life appraisal. The most precious gift you can expect ever is a good heart-felt wish. Where people think about you for few seconds and wish you to make you feel happy. Some very close friends remember your birthday and are eager to wish you on that day. Some even wish you at mid-night. They don’t bother whether you are awake or asleep. They come home with a cake at midnight and they show their affection by cutting the cake with you and sometimes putting the cream of the cake on your face irrespective of whether you like it or not. This shows how important person you are in their life. Many other (like me) who do not remember any birthdays but wish people wholeheartedly when they get to know that it’s your Birthday. Some demand sweets or chocolates in return to show their affection. The social media of recent times help people remember others Birthday and inspire other connected friends to wish. The more people wish you in whichever method may be, the more love and affection you get in your kitty. Some wishes are with sweet smiles and some with loud noise but all make you feel that you are one important person on this earth.

All we earn in life are blessings and we spend it when we make somebody unhappy. Blessing can be in the form of wish or respect from juniors. The most serious business of life is to count the blessings every night before going to bed till we reach to a situation where we cannot count it. Every known or unknown incidence of making others unhappy are expenditures. When you make your parents, elders at homes, teachers or seniors who taught you lesson of life unhappy you must realize that you are spending in millions, when you make your friends and others who have kept expectation from you unhappy you spend in thousands and so on. Blessings come in the unit of ones and tens. So you may have to either gathers many blessings to avoid going bankrupt or stop the expenditures. Both require a severe effort from your side. Some of my friends argue what will happen if I go bankrupt, who is keeping an eye. There are many people who hurt people but live a happy and successful life. My answer is , I am not sure but anybody who is discussing life or even who has read this blog till this point will always retrospect at some point if they have done something to hurt others and the moment the realize that they have, they will start punishing themselves. There is no external reason to judge us, it is we who judge ourselves and the society is the one which makes us realize that we made a mistake.

Grab the blessings, it’s easy but we need a lot of them. Don’t make others unhappy, this can only be achieves by being fair or righteous, not just good.

Happy Belated Birthday to me 🙂


– Stray Dog


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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!!

  1. Sakti, I hope you had a wonderful birthday with your family and friends. How interesting to read about wishing the self a happy birthday. I especially liked your recommendation at the end about being fair to others, not just good. It certainly requires more effort sometimes.

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