Line of Fire!!!

“Attention!!!”, A heavy, commanding voice came flowing in the air to put all including trees, birds, grazing animals and myself in attention.

Neither me nor my environment is part of the army but we all followed the command with extreme seriousness and never dared to check who gave this command.

“Your enemy is in front of you. You are equipped with all necessary ammunitions to fight the enemy. You are part of one of the strongest army’s successful regiment. You have won several battles yourself sometimes even without any ammunitions, Your enemies were  much bigger and cruel than this tiny one. I want you to just chase the enemy away from our territory and if you see any attack on you then just finish it.”, I started thinking, “which regiment? what army? why I am here?”

“This is an order. Attack now!!!”, I heard the voice again and this time it seemed like somebody is shouting on my right ear.

I turned right to see a very confident looking, strong, armored, familiar looking man, But the word ‘Now’ that he said was so powerful that I just started running forward.

I saw many dwarf but armored men standing pointing their gums towards me. I thought, “Do I have a gun’’?” and when I looked at myself, I found I was fully loaded with different ultra modern ammunitions.

I pointed my gun towards the enemy base and started firing. There were some 4 of 5 dwarf soldiers and I killed them all, to realize that the more I kill, the more numbers are appearing in front of me. I kill 5, I see 10. I kill 10, I see 20. I was surrounded by all those dwarf soldiers.

Not sure what to do. I looked back to see if my commander is there. Immediately a voice came. “I said, chase them away”. I was about to ask, “How?”, he said, “C…H…A…S…E Them A..W..A..Y!!!”

I ran behind these soldiers pointing the gun towards them and I found they started running. I noticed as they ran the numbers reduced and finally I was at the enemy base station. The commander said, “Well Done. Congratulations!!!”

I raised both my hands with a jerk to say, “Yaaaay I did it”,

Looked around to find I was in a meeting room. I realized that I was thinking about the new challenge we got and how to find a resolution post the meeting. Unknowingly while thinking about it I took a nap to see this weird dream.

But if I think of the dream I realized that standing at the comfortable location and trying to shoot the challenges and worries can never get the challenges away. You have to chase the worries, challenges and obstacles till you reach their root. The problem that I was discussing with the team just before the nap was kind of mixture of many problems so me giving just the direction and asking for status is not going to solve it, rather chasing it to the end is the option.

Left the meting room to sit with people at their desk to continue my attack of the challenges. I could hear the commander still “C…H…A…S…E Them A..W..A..Y!!!”.



-Stray Dog


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