The Power within



A very powerful stanza from a poetry by Muhammad Iqbal.keeps inspiring generations, to go beyond what others think you can do, what you think you can do and even what god thinks you can do. But still I see the helplessness when I look at the mirror or look into eyes of many. The power within me is so very well forgotten or ignored that even the people who trust us, believe us lose hope.

There has been many suggestions to list down what is ‘To Do’ so that you don’t miss what you have to do and stay organized. I suggest we maintain a list of things we can not do or at least, we think we can not do.

I have seen strong souls who have fought against every odd to remain relevant and in the same locality I find people so helpless that they prefer to do something lesser important, less dignified and less effort consuming activity. If you ask them. When I am saying ‘They’ in includes me many a times.

A recent introduction to ‘Power of 3’, talks in similar lines where a group of novice basketball coaches were given a task to teach 4 year old kids how to do dribbling 3 times through their leg, knee,and head. The group of novice coaches protested as it is impossible and they were turned down by saying ‘Who are you to tell me what a 4 year old can do or not.”. The end results is some coaches could achieve this goal in one month which they never thought they were could.

We often forget that we are the owners of our life and CEO of our all life activities. Nothing is happening without our will. See the board in front of a big building which has ‘Your’ name written. Next to it is the ticker of stock market showing that ‘Your’ company name (which is you) is listed. There is a little arrow sign next to it. Is it ‘green’ and upward or ‘red’ and downwards. what you want to see?

Not money, designation, emotions, sentiments, looks alone can help turn that sign to green. It is a combination of all. To make that happen the key and only resource is ‘You’. How would you look at a failing company which has lost confidence of all in market and not able to reinvent itself despite opportunities all around. How would you see the pity in the eyes of other companies when they look at your company. 

If this bothers you, irrespective of which state you are and how much loss you are making, list down your inabilities. Look at them and question yourself how many you would not approve to remain as your inabilities and work on them. Today!! Now!!!.


– Stray Dog



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One thought on “The Power within

  1. Sakti, what an original way to view ourselves as CEOs of our own companies. I have to think some more about how to make my company profitable in the things that matter. Thanks once again for giving us food for thought.

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