Unusual Leave request

While I wait for a new day to unfold, I heard some whispers from eastern horizon. “Can I, just for one day?”, One heavy voice trying to take permission. A lady responded, “Never. Rules are rules. These are made by the king and nobody has the right to change the rule. Even for a single day”.

“I don’t care the king or king’s men. I don’t care hierarchy. I care the people for whom I exist. I have followed rule for years and never requested in my entire life to get any permission to do things at my own terms even for a single day in past several centuries of my service but today i need a break.” The heavy voice toughened as he spoke.

“You have to face the consequences. This universe runs in orders. Once you break the rule the order will get disturbed. It might cause end of this universe.”, said the lady.

I was extremely curious to know who those voices were. It was 5:58 AM, the time for sunrise as per local time. I was ready with my cup of morning tea and complete attention to see who is there on the eastern horizon, No signs of sunrise, rather I saw darkness increased. I finished my tea and when I lost my patience went running towards the horizon. I ran till I reached the end of this world and jumped over the horizon to see a sad looking sun sitting there on a royal bed, hiding itself with clouds of sorrow and all planets and moon were sitting next to it’s bed. Saturn the son of Sun was sick and having severe temperature. Mother earth balancing the earth in one hand was trying to give confidence to Sun in another hand. I could understand it was the voice of Sun and mother earth. The entire scene was clear to me now. Due to the illness of Saturn Sun wanted to take a break from his duty of attending earth for the day and earth was telling the rules to sun.

I looked at Sun and said, “Sir, the entire world is waiting for you to come and usher you blessings. Your half-day or taking off might help you feel good for the moment as you see your son recover but billions of creatures who consider you as the source of their energy are going to miss the opportunity to serve each other and this universe at large. Because you come in time every day this entire world tries to catch up. You are the definition of time and you are time yourself. Because you never stop this world never stops.Everybody tries to catch-up with you and that’s the reason there is a rhythm. If you break the rhythm the entire world will go out of synch. You are the lord of this universe.”

A little motivated Sun looked up to me while other planets and stars watched. Saturn was feeling better it seems. Moon came close to me and said, “Do we matter? Does anybody look at us now a days and think of us? Don’t try to just convince us by words. Prove it.”, she said, “For years people at large looked at us for their basic needs. Now nobody. It seems people have found their god somewhere in machines. We all, including sun were a self motivated gang, always trying to keep things in order and do things for betterment of the humans. Humans used to pay respect, they used to love us but today all efforts to avoid eye contacts with us. For past several days we lost our motivation because we realized humans don’t bother. We now care about ourselves only, like you humans.”, she said and I saw anger in their eyes which was overridden by sorrow.

“Are you serious? You think humans don’t care about you and don’t realize your importance. In millions of institutions on this earth they just do research about you. There are billions of books written everyday on you guys. There are several labs and planetariums to teach our kids about you. and you think we don’t care?”, I said with a surprise tone.

“You guys study about insects, diseases and ghosts as well. Study about us don’t make us any important. It’s the respect and love we are talking about. How many times an adult looks at us at least once in a day and tries to find us. How many times kids look at us and smile just by itself. How many times you switch off the lights to feel us. I am not mentioning about days when everybody used to pay respect at us by doing specific yogas looking at us and offer water to us.That would be too much to expect now a days.”. Sun said coming close to me.

“Oh, you mean surya namaskar. It’s the most popular yoga now. You will see billions of people doing it in all the yoga center every day. Can’t say about offering water.”, I clarified.

“Are you guys crazy? You do namaskar to us from inside a house. Isn’t it meant to be done looking at us? I really don’t understand.”, sun said with surprise with a frustration favor in it.

“Anyway”, looking at earth, sun said, “I think people still need me. I am doing my duty for the people who care for me not for the king or the because of rule. As long as people need me I will do my duty in a timely manner but when I see they don’t care, I will also not care. Tell the king and king’s men.”, and jumped over the horizon. I followed him to start my day to perform my duties.


– Stray Dog





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