An Interesting Journey

A very hot summer, punctured tire, discharged cell phone and money purse with one Rs. 5 note has made me stand on the roadside of a deserted area without any means. The only option was to ask somebody to give me a lift to a nearby area where I can withdraw some money and then fix rest all problem one after another. I could have tried walking to the nearby ATM which is around 3 Kilometers but I think you forgot that I mentioned it is a very hot summer.

There were hardly any motor bikes or cars going on the road. Only rickshaws or trollies driven by people not motor. My decision to wear a tie to impress the visiting senior executive was just adding the pinch of salt that you need to super torture one wounded person. This also reminds me that I must be there in office in next 1 hour.

I raised my hand to stop one cycle rickshaw where one young man was pedaling while singing the latest hindi movie (A.K.A Bollywood ) song “Dil main baji ghantiyan…. Jab tune maari entriyiiyan” without even bothering that it is a torture to the passerby simply because he is such a bad singer that government should ban from singing publically.He stopped and looked at me not knowing what a person looking like me may need from him.

“Need a lift to the nearby ATM. I will pay you once I withdraw cash.”, I said when he stopped singing and paid attention towards me.

“Sit”, he said. As soon as settled he started making one funny sound that kids make to show that they are riding a bike with high speed, “Vroooooooommm Vroooooooomm”.



To be continued…




– Stray Dog


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