Enjoy the act don’t show-off


I wanted to just check out and have fun with the street side astrologer by asking him a difficult question. I asked him, “I am doing everything that is called duty, helping others but still not getting the pleasure or happiness. I am getting frustrated very often and angry too. what should I do?”.

“Your body and mind needs your love and care to serve the purpose that you are born for. Your image in society’s eye needs your love to ensure you do not do anything that would harm anybody unlawfully and ultimately damage your beautiful image in front of the society, Your respect for yourself needs your love to ensure you are taking right moves and displaying courage and compassion at the right times to ensure you are respected by others in this society.Ultimately all good you are doing or thinking of doing is not a favor to anybody, rather love for yourself. You help a needy because you want to make yourself happy by thinking that you helped somebody. Your hunger for love, respect and appreciation is still driving you to do good things. Like the hunger for food, money, prosperity, power these hungers for love, respect and appreciation never get completely satisfied.” , An astrologer sitting in a crowded place said when

I asked,”So you mean all the efforts I am putting to be good and remain good is equivalent to all other desires. But desires are bad and helping others and making others happy is good. How can you say both are equivalent..”, I thought, “What nonsense this guy is talking about. These street side illiterate astrologers are ruining the great science of astrology.”.

“When desire motivates you, you are going to stop somewhere dissatisfied. That is the reason it is considered bad. Your desire to be loved, respected and appreciated by doing certain actions does not guaranty that it will be satisfied every time. When it will not, you will blame the good for the failure.Let me give you an example.

A man walking on the street saw a poor man with wounds and dirt is lying on the roadside. Flies are all around him. He is stinking like a dead buffalo. He immediately felt about this person and wanted to do something. He went near the poor man and gave a Rs. 100 note and asked him to take care of himself. The poor man turned around and spitted on this man’s face. This man got angry and scolded him and left the place shouting and wiping his face.

Another man walking on the street saw him and stopped. Sat next to the person and asked him why he is lying there. He spitted on this man as well. He realized that this is a man who has lost his mental balance and has been beaten by many so called good people. He called a rickshaw and dragged him inside the rickshaw. Took him to a mental hospital. gave him a bath, fed him and got him admitted to the hospital. During this process this poor man slapped him several times but this guy was undeterred.

So in the first case the man gave Rs. 100 with an desire to get quick respect, love and appreciation in return to his act but in the second case the man was doing all these without any desire. The first person was dissatisfied after doing the act and might have thought that he will not help any person on the road ever again but the second person was happy and will remain happy to help people for his entire live time.

You are the first man. So you will get angry, unhappy and frustrated despite doing god work.”, the astrologer said.

“So, what should I do?”, I asked.

“Kill the desire but keep the motivation alive. Once you see your motivation comes due to the pleasure of doing any act or work then you know you have achieved it.”, He said.

“Thank you”, I said I paid Rs 51 as he said his charge for this service.

“Are you sure you want to pay Rs. 51 to a street side illiterate astrologer.”, he asked.

“Yes, I enjoyed the service and I am genuinely happy. Thank you”, I said and left the spot.




– Stray Dog


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One thought on “Enjoy the act don’t show-off

  1. A great story with an important message, and an ideal for us all to aspire towards. Sakti, thanks for adding a spiritual spark to my day.

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