Irrelevence and…

Irrelevence and anonymity has killed more people than terrorism and natural death together.

I am no statistician or social scientist but looking people around me has made me believe that there are many dead bodies all around. It is not applicable to adults only, alarmingly I see it in kids as well. There is a mad rush and we all are running to achieve someting which most don’t know what. If they had to stop and ask themselves “Who am I? What am I doing? Why I am doing?”, the answer will require at least 30 seconds pause of confusion and then a very vague answer. Every individual’s contribution to society/workplace/family is relevant but as a society we must bring awareness to make them feel that. Every individual must have a nameplate of his own with a designantion describing his/her role in this society..What do you think?


– Stray Dog


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