Happy Birthday!!! Father of the Nation

“Father of the Nation!! Like I never followed strange principles of my father, nobody in this nation follows the philosophy of father of the nation. When people don’t care about their father how do you expect people to be respectful to the father of the nation. Interestingly father of the nation’s photo and name is used in every corner of this country but he truly doesn’t reside in anybody’s heart. This is a gradually becoming a generation of show-offs.”, Rakesh said while reading the newspaper in the early morning of national holiday declared for birth anniversary of father of the nation.

“Funny part is the name and philosophy is misused more than ever. People hide their inability to fight by saying I am showing tolerance as taught by father of the nation. People use fast until death way to get the things done whereas it is just another way of blackmailing.”, he continued. He knew nobody is listening to him but he did not stop complaining. This is a practice he has been following since many days. Everyday morning he will go to a park and speak his frustration out so that he feels better but he avoids unnecessary argument with people as they may not agree with him.At times those were personal issues and he did not want to share with anybody. This technique he learnt from a fakir (Spiritual masters who wander like beggars).

But today was different it seems. He did not realize that in the bench behind his one one elderly lady was sitting and doing breathing exercise (Pranayama). “Complaining about son to father or complaining about father to son”, she responded.

Rakesh turned back surprised. He did not know what to respond. “Your heart pains for the nation not following the philosophy of father of the nation or you have problem with those philosophies.”, she asked further.

“No Mausi (aunty), I was just talking to myself.”, Rakesh avoided.

“You have a valid point and I am ready to talk to you in the direction you want. So feel free unless you are feeling extremely uncomfortable.”, she said.

“Okay.. I think I have problem with both. Our great books like Mahabharata and Ramayana suggests to fight for truth. Don’t care if it causes bloodshed in the process of prevailing right and truth. But because of the philosophy people have turned into a race of cowards.  When people don’t care to torture or murder another person how do you think by doing fast until death anybody will listen to you. This is a wrong philosophy. Even if these are right principles, people are misusing it everyday for their personal benefit.”, Rakesh vented out his frustration further.

“Has your mother beaten you ever?”, she asked.

He smiled thinking she is changing the topic and responded, “occasionally when I was extremely unruly she used to give me mild slaps”.

“Did she try to make you understand sometimes or every time she slapped you when you did something wrong.”, she asked.

“Most of the times she used to explain me. sometimes making me sit on her lap and sometimes by scolding. When she used to go frustrated extremely she used to slap me.”, Rakesh explained.

He was able to understand the reason behind her questions now so he added, “She used to protest by not having food or not coming with us out when we were very unruly. Then we used to control ourselves and apologize, then she used to take er food.”

Mausi smiled and said “this is a method of getting things done when you love somebody. War is a sign of hatred but it is still effective when you have clear and defined enemy. War may be quick way to achieve something but it’s after effects are very painful and this world has seen many wars till date and you can’t tell any of the wars which brought good to the humanity. The methods to achieve things with love are difficult to follow and understand. They take more time to achieve the goal but usually permanent.  You should never copy the ways rather understand inherent philosophy“

“Okay I got it but is tis nation following it.”, Rakesh said.

“Yes it is. It is in the root of every family and if it is going wrong what are you made for. Try to bring the change you want to see. Don’t wait for another uncle of nation to take birth to make this change.”, She replied.

Rakesh understood what she meant but before he could add something he found her busy with breathing exercise again so Rakesh thought not to disturb her.


– Stray Dog


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One thought on “Happy Birthday!!! Father of the Nation

  1. Sakti, a story with a timely message. Yes, it is certainly easy to sit back and wait for someone else to set things back in order. As always, your stories are a good ethics workout that we all need on a regular basis. Thanks, Sakti!

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