The Day–Birthday

Happy Birthday to me-35 summers

Happy Birthday to me

Interesting day is Birthday when your entire world focuses their attention towards you at least for few seconds. They wish for your wellbeing and wish to see you happy forever. Although friends and family always wish good for you but this is the occasion when they really convey that to you. We as social animals seek this kind of attention. We try doing a lot of things to drag attention because we always wish to feel important in others view. Many people follow many ways and means to achieve it but everybody wants it. Birthday gives an easy access to fulfill this desire.

More than 3 and 1/2 decades ago this world accepted me as an investor and there was one Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed. My purpose was to enrich my soul with the help of resources that this mother earth has. Mother earth expected me to bring some good for other living beings so that I can help make this world a better place to live. There are thousands such MOUs signed everyday and many leave this earth without achieving much. But mother earth has not lost hope and still encouraging investors.

My parents who brought me to this earth sacrificed majority of their life in making my body eligible to perform the hardship needed to survive on this earth, enhancing my awareness by providing all necessary education through various means, enhancing my soft-knowledge or emotions so that I can be treated and accepted as a social-being. I remained dependent on them until I felt I have learnt enough to venture out myself. Tried experimenting with the help of all my resources to find out the truth. Over the years my imaginary rosy world converted to a practical not-so-rosy world. Earning social acceptance and then enhancing it, earning money to survive living and then accumulating it for future, entertaining body and mind through various means available became the focus point. Many friends joined in this journey and many left after a while and many more joined. Friends gave me courage, made me feel special and helped me build my confidence. This journey continuing and the MOU has been completely forgotten. Now at this juncture of life I feel I am again dependent on my parents and elders because I need wisdom. The hallow of ego is gradually fading out. I feel I have been selfish where I just took help from friends but never bothered to worry about their needs.

Birthday is the day which reminds me that now if I don’t act it may get very late. If the purpose of this stay is not met then it will require me to plan another trip. Till we are aware we live a very selfish life where even we don’t care to remember the sacrifices made by our near ones to make us what we are. We stand here because of many people who had unconditional faith on us. It is time to remember them. I have great asset at the moment, source of wisdom from parents and other elders, a gang of extremely versatile friends to help in any occasion,  a loving and caring family to keep your spirit up, if I miss to utilize this opportunity, I may miss it forever.

Wish me luck for the future journey!!! Also, Happy Birthday to me Smile


– Stray Dog


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