My life: My movie

Life is a blockbuster movie which is made for you, by you and on you. You are the leading star of this movie and this movie is a super duper hit in the box office. There are various supporting actors in this movie who are also stars in their own movie but they have come to support you in your movie. And this movie is the most suspense thriller movie anybody can think of.

Life is the director of this movie but as any other good director, it let’s you play the role in your own style and with your own understanding about the role.

One most common tactics life plays with you is that it creates a disturbed mind. Life believes an actor acts well when the mind goes through a disturbance before the act.

Disturbed mind is an abode for philosophical thoughts as long as you feel yourself in the losing end and it’s an abode of heroic thoughts when you feel you are in the winning end. Life is clever enough to make you feel you are a winner as well as loser at the same time. The day life stops make you feel like a winner, you get into pessimism and depression. It is very important for you to find reasons to make yourself feel like a winner. The world around you is full of reasons to make you feel as if you are a winner. The only effort you have to put is to just find those reasons.But here despite the knowledge of the solution, life does not give you the clue and let you take the story the way you want. When you act as an winner life okay’s the shot but if you do not, it just leaves you for that moment.

A very strange director but it knows what it wants. It will bring the story back on track no matter how many days it takes to do that. Many a times actors just divert from the script and try to do what they feel like. Life does not stop you but it waits for actors to realize the script’s angle and come back to track.

Although life wants it’s actors to understand it and realize the importance of it’s actions but does not insist on it.


– Stay Dog


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One thought on “My life: My movie

  1. Even though it’s been that life’s a stage and we’re its players, your details made it come to life for me. Another thought-provoking post! Thanks, Sakti.

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