Me and Humans

While roaming on the streets in search of food I realized something unique about humans. I see the best part of every house is there in their dustbins and they usually throw that unknowingly. I tried to chew those and understood something which I am sharing with you.

All human naturally exert negative emotions and they put efforts to demonstrate positivity. I as a stray dog never worry about what others will feel about me but humans do that very often. Everybody feels bad when they do not get what they want and everybody compare themselves with other humans whom they think are of equal status. But when some do not react to these situations, it means they have either trained their mind not to do so or do not feel themselves part of that environment. So for the sake of better or so called civilized environment they throw their true feeling into the dustbin and survive with some kind of fake but civilized reactions.

I see the best relationships go trough rough phases because here the people involved are exposing their true feeling and feel as one of the major entity of that relationship.If you do not see any problem in a relationship then either the parties involved have trained their minds (which in other words known as compromise) or do not truly belong to that relationship. I have seen relationships throwing their true feelings into the dustbins very often to help ensure they sail through this safely but they truly miss the real fun of any relationship and life.

I as a stray dog do not bother to see what others feel. I do not like somebody, I bark. Now some people in this so called civilized society throw stones at me but I never bother because they will remain like that and the funny part is they give examples of my tail that it can never be straight. Have they looked at their own attitude. Anyway forget it.

Just want to convey that humans are no different from us. Just they can fake but we can’t.


– Stray Dog


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