Relationship : A seasonal affair


“Your way of thinking stinks. You are an orthodox and do not like to live in a free world neither you let anybody live in a free world and think freely. There can not be any relationship between you and me. You deserve to be left alone.”, Rashmi’s words were coming like bullets and hitting the self-respect of Nikhil. Nikhil was pleading till now but he realized that now it is time to give up. They both had serious heated argument for last one hour and they unknowingly exposed the pain-hiding portion of their heart to each other. It felt as if they really got to know each other today. 3 years relationship is at a phase where it can be called as “Done”. It all started with a petty issue of taking leave for one day from work.

Rashmi started her scooter and went home and she was crying throughout. Nikhil could not understand what went wrong but he realized that things are not as they were.  He has scarified a lot for this relationship but what he got at the end of it is rejection for being truthful. He was conveying what he felt about Rashmi not taking leave from work. He takes leave from office whenever Rashmi asks for, but this is the first time he wanted Rashmi to take leave for him but she denied. She has some stupid office party which she can not miss. What kind of party is that which can be mandatory. The only mistake Nikhil did was by questioning the kind of dress she wears but he never liked Rashmi to wear anything other than traditional dresses but never complained about it till date thinking that it’s her choice. But as he told it today, it irked Rashmi. How long could he suppress his dissatisfaction. Everybody says you should be open with your partner. So he expressed his mind. But now as Nikhil thinks over it, he realized that he made a mistake. She is an individual with individual choices , he questioning her comfort level or choice is like questioning her very core personality. This can irk any person including himself. As soon as he realized his mistake, he started his bike and went to her house to say ‘Sorry’.


In the meantime Rashmi had reached home and has burst into tears. She was crying like a baby. She had closed her door. She was thinking how she had relationship with this guy for 3 years but could never understand the meanness in him. He does not like her working, her dresses and more over does not like her to take her own decisions. When she says something is important, he must understand that its important. This party is where she is expecting to be rewarded as best employee due to her hard work for past several years. Of course she can not tell that to Nikhil because she is not sure but her presence is very important for her. If she does not get, he may tease later and further consider her as worthless poor girl whom he should pity on. He is the only person whom she thought will understand situations but when a person can not tolerate women wearing western clothes, can not understand anything. She was continuing her cry.

Nikhil came and banged her door bit Rashmi did not open. After sometime she opened the door because neighbors may get to know about this drama.


Nikhil came with a bouquet and sat on his knees and asked for forgiveness. That did not work. He has to explain for next one hour but that did not help as well. Then Nikhil exposed his heart more with teary eyes and this melted Rashmi. They both accepted each other and Nikhil promised not to hurt Rashmi anymore. They regained the faith, love, care and trust for each other in couple of hours. Ice-creams, flowers, roadside food and long nature walk had roles to play in this.

Rashmi wore dress of Nikhil’s choice for the party.Nikhil was waiting outside the hotel for Rashmi’s call to hear that she won the best employee award. But the party ended but Rashmi’s call never came.  Nikhil was going to annoyance as he was convinced that Rashmi forgot about her and at the same time he was also concerned thinking if she did not get the award.


This was a mixed reaction in Nikhil’s mind but he was sure he was not happy at all. He was feeling suffocated. He had bought the pastry that Rashmi loves to it when happy but when it became 11:00 at night and Rashmi still did not come, he gave it to the stray dog who was swinging his tail and loitering around him since he bought those pastries. That dog had his best food in years and leaked every molecule of that cake. Nikhil thought it’s time to end the relationship on a happy note as it will not work anymore. A girl who does not care for him may not be good for a relationship. Even if he compromises, he will never be happy.


He started his bike and went towards his home when he got a call. It was Rashmi. He picked the phone and Rashmi was shouting at the other end. “I got it!!! I got it!!! where are you? I want you right now? I want to share my happiness with your heart. Come fast”. Nikhil was thinking of showing a cold reaction but with this kind of excitement inflow he could not control. He went back and found she was with flowers, memento and gifts. She came running and hugged him. Nikhil was very happy to see Rashmi happy. He said, “I was waiting here since I left you as I thought you will give me a call when you get the award.”. She said, “I just got it and there were no network inside the hall. Our Vice-president was sitting next to it. (pause for few seconds) Ohh I am so sorry. You had were waiting here for so long. (pause) But you could have left. I did not know you were waiting.”. “I thought I will surprise you but anyways  I am so happy so just forget it. You are the best and you deserve to be treated as the best. I love you”, he said.


They both were happy and celebrated the upcoming weekend for her success and Nikhil also met Rashmi’s parents in few days to get their consent for marriage.

Usually in any story the next sentence will be that they lived happily ever after. But that is never the case. It’s like seasons. These will come again and again in our life. We will get frustrated, realize our mistakes, will be satisfied, get confused, finally understand and then celebrate. This will repeat again and again with every relationship. Whether the relationship is with a living being or non-living. Life will not give you any chance to enjoy one season for ever. Understanding this cycle helps reduce a lots of problems but does not really gets us out of this cycle.  We have to remember and realize that every cycle builds a new relationship which takes the previous one to the next level. If you see that your relationship is stuck at one season then question yourself if it is truly a performing one.


– Stray Dog


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