Mirror Mirror!!

I was able to see myself clearly. I could see myself doing some work, talking to others as I can see others. “This is not possible!!!”, I shouted. I made sure that I am not sleeping by pinching myself. I was sure that I am not dead because I can see myself doing all earthly activities. Then what happened? How could I see myself. Is that possible that the other one is my look alike? But I could see they are calling the other one as “’Sakti’ and he is behaving just like I behave.

Before I go more crazy I felt a cold hand on my shoulder. I turned back to see some strange looking person smiling at me. I asked, “Who are you? and do you know what’s going on?”. He said, “I am god”. This was the biggest lie I could ever accept but I still tolerated to hear his next answer. “You have been given an opportunity to see yourself from other’s eye”. So calm down and observe yourself well so that you can correct yourself to become a better human being.” Now this one was tougher to believe compared to the first one but I felt like not going in analytic mode rather observe myself.

“Sakti, Can we change the code so that it gets the right data”, one fellow colleague asked the real me (whom I will refer as Sakti now on).

I could see Sakti in a very thoughtful mood and looking at the roof. After a couple of seconds my fellow colleague also started looking at the roof and frowned as he could not understand what is there in that roof. Then Sakti smiled and it gave an impression that I am thinking my fellow colleague has come up with some idiotic solution. This made my fellow colleague little bit annoyed and felt offended. Then Sakti said, “I do not think it will work. We may have to change this line rather” and pointed at another line of code. Then the fellow colleague looked at the code for sometime and then agreed with the solution and went to his desk. The overall impression that my fellow colleague got from this incidence is that Sakti is crazy and thinks that he knows better tan everybody. He does not consider others as human beings also

But the fact was that Sakti was thinking looking at the roof about the proposal and trying to think al possible scenarios where it may not work. Then he thought of a scenario which does not make sense so he laughed at his weird scenario and then he really found a scenario where it will not work and then came to the conclusion that changing the other line of code will solve the issue better. He had respect for his fellow employee intact and never thought anything about him at that moment.  

My observation revealed that my understanding about my behavior with others is entirely different from what it looks like actually. I could see that my beliefs are just something which is true in my own mind but from fact from outside is entirely opposite. I am in an illusionary world where I try to portray a particular picture of myself but the outcome is not even close to it.

I may feel that I am intelligent in others eyes but the fact might be entirely opposite and the same is true if I think negatively about myself. The moment what people think about me and I think about myself match I will become the most happy person in this world because all confusions and conflicts in this world is because of this.

But should I put efforts to achieve that and can I achieve that. The world have billions of people around me who look at me in different ways at different moments. It is not possible to change my self so that each of them get the same picture as I want to every time.  Rather realizing the difference will help us narrowing it down to a great extent.

“Times up!!!”, that person claiming as god shouted and I was back in Sakti’s body. I was happy to get that opportunity and said, “Thank God!!!”.


– Stray Dog


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