The Glass Door

“What are you doing there?? Why are you blocking my way??”, an irritated lady driving a luxury car with all window glasses closed shouting at an idiot on a bike. That idiot is blocking the way for this lady and just doing something looking at the ground. Some people leave their brain and sense at home before coming on road. That lady was getting furious multifold every fraction of second. That idiot was saying something which she can not hear due to closed windows. But whatever that guy may say as an excuse, he is acting nothing better than a super-idiot. Only thing that lady did not do is she did not honk but scolded that guy at her best.

After 2 minutes that guy moved away from the way of that lady and showed his hand saying something. Once again, lady could not hear anything due to closed windows but assumed that guy must have scolded her back saying some stupid reason. She remained angry for sometime that day and whomever she met, she reacted in not so pleasant way. You may say that idiot on road spoiled the mood of that lady.


“I am so sorry, My break is stuck and not releasing anymore. I am trying my best to get it fixed.”, one guy was turning his motorcycle to enter into one lane but just while crossing the road his break got stuck and no longer releasing. He was blocking a luxury car driven by a gentle lady. He was embarrassed and feeling very sorry for this. That car was waiting patiently for him to fix his bike. He fixed the break and moved on thanking the lady in the car by just showing a hand gesture. He assumed that she must have said, “It’s alright”. He was very happy with this kind gesture and he was in a very good mod for rest of the day. You may say, that lady made his day.

The both incidences are so different but are of the same situation. A situation which made one happy and another sad. They both were conversing but were not able to hear the other. It was an inconvenience for both. For the lady the bike on her was was the problem. For the guy the broken bike was his problem. So both were in problem but one came out happy from the situation and another came out frustrated. It’s because none of them were aware of the reality and were living in their perceptions.

We deal with only one person in the entire day. That is none other than self. We speak to self and we hear what self wants to hear. We all are in a closed room with glass doors. If you treat yourself well, you feel happy and the other way is true as well. Everything around us is like things outside the glass door. We do not see the truth but we perceive something looking at it and assume that as the truth. We think we know everything around us. We think we understand the situation and people in the situation very well. But sad part is none of these are true. We just know little bit about ourselves nothing more than that.

We assume best results give us happiness but truth is happiness has nothing to do with reality. Happiness comes from the perception. Results might create that perception but it is not necessary. You can make people feel that you are the best person while you are not and sometimes even if you are the best person people may consider you not. This is because of the perception. But a wrong perception can not last long without truth. So results must follow the perception. So Results without perception is not as rewarding as it should be and at the same time perception without results is short-lived.

So while working hard to deliver results, you must work to ensure you build right perception.


– Stray Dog


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3 thoughts on “The Glass Door

  1. Sakti, your story effectively and entertainingly shows how we each take our perceptions to be the truth.

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