I Love Vadodara!!!

A land where Swami Aurobindo chose to start his career and found the way towards most logical human path which is spiritual path, a land where Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad the most modern king of India with great spiritual intelligence prove that we have the ability to reach any height if there is strong will despite all odds, A land where rich Gujarati culture is honored and maintained by people from various parts of India, I completed my 5 years in that sacred land. Yes, I completed 5 years at Vadodara. I wish to spend my entire life here at Vadodara. Sometimes I feel as if this is the place which I was searching for many many centuries.

I tried to capture some of reasons why I love this city. But there are many,

But it is the same place where cows gaze on roads because citizens feed them on roads, not because they care about the respected animal but to earn some religious mileage.

But this is the place citizens lack traffic sense and cause chaos. They park vehicles where ever they wish, they use mobile phone while driving more than they use while at home I guess and even gods followed human and parked themselves on the middle of the road in some places.

This is the place where fake modernization is gradually taking over the culture of the city and trying to change its DNA.

I own my body and mind but it is full of defects and problems. It is since 35 years I own it but could not fix it all. Some due to lack of awareness of the problem and some due to ignorance. Some due to carelessness and some due to mischievousness. So, which means I own my body and Mind along with its problems. If I wish I can fix most of it.

Same applies to my beloved city. Becoming aware, careful, knowledgeable and bit more matured can help me take care of my city as well.

Nobody will listen to you here. All are selfish. They don’t even care about their neighbors, how can you think they will contribute to this cause. All are in a race called money-making. More you earn, more you show it will create desire to earn more. So people can not come out of this endless cycle. You are wasting your time.

When I did not spend time, how can I expect to judge the outcomes. When I am the most hypocrite, selfish and lazy person among the people I know, how can I complain about others before acting.

There are very powerful people behind the major problems that this city is having. Real estate boom which is marring the beauty and sanctity of the city can not be stopped. Changing food habits due to promotion of aristocratic junk food by big companies is killing the traditional Guajarati snacks and mentality. The show-off race in Fashion, luxury vehicles and spoken language is leaving hardly any place for this beautiful culture to survive. The look alike foreign architecture is making people forget the need and importance of local architecture. Now the best bus station will look like some bus station in some foreign country, the best office space will look like some office space in another country, the best road will look like the roads of some other country. Where is the innovation of great architects coming out of renowned university this city has? We have already lost it. So there is no point in making an attempt now.

What will you do if your beloved is kidnapped by some extremely powerful person, will you keep quiet or put some effort at least?  Decision is yours.

I am not saying jump into this and fight till you die. This is done by none other than a branded fool. Strategize and move step by step  but ferociously. If there has been no step forward in next one month, then remove that month from my age.

If my first 5 years were to enjoy the beauty of this wonderful city and appreciate it, I dedicate my next 5 years to help this city which whichever means I can.

I love you Vadodara!!!


– Stray Dog


Published by Sakti

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4 thoughts on “I Love Vadodara!!!

  1. Hello,

    You write good stuff up here. Well done!

    I would like to thank you for following my blog. I hope I don’t disappoint you and that your visits in my blog have been and will always be a joyful ride.
    Thank you again and have a lovely day! 🙂

    Subhan Zein

      1. Thank you, Sakti. I appreciate your comment. I hope to see you here often. Thank you again, and lovely day to you my friend! 🙂

        Subhan Zein

  2. My mum is from the Gujarat. I didn’t get chance to visit on my recent 6 week trip but would love to soon. I think you’ll love my latest post. It’s a gallery of the highlights of my trip, for an exhibition, ‘Impressions of India; Portraits of a People’. Take a look and let me know what you think. http://www.ani-shah.com

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