Happy Father’s Day!!!

80 years old man coughing sitting on a chair at 5:00 AM in the morning and waiting for a cup of tea. Rest of the members of the family are sleeping and have no intention to get up for next 3 hours on a Sunday morning. He does not know how to spend this time. He turned on the Television to watch anything that can entertain him. He was delighted to see that today is Father’s Day. He felt happy that he may get some special treatment today for being a father, a very successful father.

Half a decade back he became father of his first child. He had lots of money, strength and dare to act attitude. He did whatever he could to see smiles on his little kids lips. He kept his male ego on a corner and started doing things which he always hated to do. But nothing seemed matter when his son came into consideration. Gradually his kid grew up and  things became easy. Earlier he had to decide what is needed for his son, now his son started demanding. So, he had to just find time and spend money to get those things. Earlier, it was the time that mattered most to the kid, now the material what mattered most. He kept on earning money and his son who was a grown up now enjoyed the support of his father to achieve what he wanted and grow.

During all these years, Father did not change much. The priority for the father remained to keep his child happy and removing any roadblocks on the way but the Son changed. First it was the father who was the great entertainer for him. He waited for his father to come back from office to play with him. Slowly friends took that place and father’s coming back to home did not matter. Earlier father was the support system or protector in any difficult situation, but slowly he started taking over that role himself. Earlier father used to find entire family is dependent on him and he is the center of attraction but gradually he went out of focus. He was asked when he did not do his responsibilities but never asked otherwise. He is expected to either perform at the level he used to during his young age or just to be considered as a burden.

But the father’s day concept brought sparks to his dried eyes. His kids, grand kids will wish him. He will get some importance at least at a home where he ruled for several years. May be they will prepare some good food of his choice.

3 hours passed and suddenly he found movements in other rooms. This meant, all woke up. He tried to keep himself ready to say ‘thank you’ for the wishes. He pulled a shirt to wear so that if anybody take s a photo he will look good. For next half hour nobody came close to him. Suddenly his son came and said, “Baba, we are going for a picnic today. Would you like to go? We have to climb up little bit so it will be difficult for you”

He could understand that his son does not want him to go, “That’s okay. You guys enjoy. I will better sit at home. I am feeling very tired today.”, he lied.

“Okay, just keep your ears open. There are many theft happening now days. ”, he said as if ordering.

“Okay, but can you please tell somebody to give me a cup of tea.”, he said.

“Ohh.. Baba your morning tea habit must go. All are waiting outside. Can you make it for yourself. There is food in the freeze, just heat it in Microwave oven. Okay!!”, he said as if requesting but there was an order from within. He was in a hurry as the most important thing was getting delayed.

“Today is father’s day. Do you know?”, his father said with little wave of emotions trying to choke his throat.

“Huh!!!Yeah… These kids wished me. I don’t believe in these you know. These cards and gifts companies just make these days to earn money. “, he said thinking as if he is the only father and forgot his father.

“Okay, take care Baba. You keep your cell phone handy so that you can call 108 in case of any emergency. before calling us call 108 because they can come faster than us.Bye!!!”, his son said and left.

He could hear the sound of door closing and car starting. Then there was a long silence.

“I did not plan my old age well enough. That’s my mistake. Nobody is there to help me for my mistake. My father is not there to bail me out. Why mistakes made at the old age are unpardonable? Why I did not realize that more you grow older, less the support you have? Why I expected returns while what I did till date are just mu duties? May be I hardly cared for my parents when I was younger? What should I do now? What’s the way out? Is waiting for death to come is the only option I have?”, the started crying loudly.

He thought for sometime and then went out taking his walking stick. He ensured that he has enough money in his pocket. He walked across the street to have tea on a roadside stall and had some breakfast as well. Went to the nearest cake shop and bought a small cake and instructed them to write ‘Happy Father’s Day’ on it. Brought the cake home and put one candle on it. Blew the candle, cut the cake and had a little piece. Then went and rested on his arm-chair.

He said, “Happy Father’s Day!!! Happy Father’s Day!!! Happy Father’s Day!!!!”

He was feeling happy for himself. He just forgot the unworthy emotional turbulence that was there in his mind couple of hours back.  This helped him take a deep sleep.


– Stray Dog


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