Happy Birthday To Me – 35 Summers

“Don’t you know that today is my Birthday. I need a better treatment today. My mistakes must be pardoned as soon as they are made. There should be unending flow of love and care for me. I must not get disturbed with annoying tasks at all. But it seems you guys hardly care. World seems just going at its own pace. At least you can behave differently. Is it over expectation?”, I shouted at the scorching sun

I was trying to start the bike while the sun was constantly staring at me without a blink. Bike was not in a mood to get up and I was getting frustrated.

“Huh!! Birthday. What does it mean? The day you came to this world needs celebration? What for?”, Sun responded.

“I mean, it’s my Birthday.”, I responded hesitantly.

Some clouds came and tried to cool the sun and sun smiled and said, “I do not treat anybody differently at any circumstances. Even a poor man who does not have food to eat and shelter gets the same treatment from me as a person who is getting all luxury.  So don’t expect anything from me.

But, as we are talking, I would like to give you an advice. Love and care from people will flow as long as you are worth it.  You expecting unwanted advantage due to this is going to cut that flow. Some love you unconditionally but that will not be true when you are not what you are known for despite it is known as ‘unconditional’ love. If you are not worth for your family, friends, society then you are as good as absent from this universe. All are connected and you are just a node. You are connected to people, object, emotions, situations and nature. You detach from some by not doing your duty, will just break the network of this universe. Then you will become a broken link which entire universe will try to get rid of. So no time to relax and expect people to just pamper you. Eat cake, thank people for their wishes and get back to action.

Got it!?”, Sun said

My bike responded to my kicks and I went home for lunch.

“I have seen 35 such birthdays of yours, not finding much progress over the years. Take care!!! and By the way, Happy Birthday!!”, Sun shouted.


– Stray Dog


Published by Sakti

Simple living, lots of talking

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me – 35 Summers

  1. Sakti, funny and perceptive post! How true about “unconditional love” also having conditions. Hope you have many more birthday so we can enjoy many more enlightening posts 🙂

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