Life as Sakti

I am very popular in this locality. I have caught four thieves in past one year. Everybody likes me because, I never entered inside anybody’s house and I have never used to touch their personal dustbins. My only source for food was the public dustbin. I used to maintain my self-imposed restrictions and do things as per my wish.

I know everybody in this locality by their smell. There are many who stink and many others who smell very pleasant. Do not misunderstand my smelling ability which can be confused by perfumes or deodorants. This is the real smell, smell of their character. There are many, looking at whom, my tail swings unknowingly and there are many, at whom I bark unknowingly as well.  I had only one problem in life that I was very hungry. I had a desire to eat full meal everyday. In this world of stray dogs where we…

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