A small love story : Aakaar

“I don’t want to talk to you. I just needed a simple and pure friendship but you loaded it with all kids of emotions which can spoil it. Why something simple can’t be accepted and followed? Is it necessary that two friends of opposite sex have to fall in love? Is it necessary to give a life that has a different tomorrow than today? Is it necessary to expect everything to grow over time? Leave life alone. Just live.” after a pause

“Don’t know why I am telling all these to you. You guys can’t understand anything ever. I am just wasting my time here. Do never dare to meet me ever.”, Tithi said with lots of anger and frustration.

Aakaar was not able to understand what went wrong. Tithi is so close to her that they hardly stop sharing anything with each other. There is not a single day when Tithi didn’t call Aakaar for something or other and spoke with him for hours. Aakaar left all his work when Tithi needed help. But now Tithi’s logic of friendship and not love was out of his brains capabilities. Aakaar today came early morning to meet Tithi and this time he came as per his wish not because Tithi needed help.He proposed Tithi and he was more than confident that there is no reason why he will get a denial.

He did not say a single word after Tithi’s outburst that to in a jogger’s park where there were many people. Started for home and was so upset that he did not realize that his helmet was still locked on his bike’s rear end. Suddenly one policeman stopped him and started writing in his book. Aakaar asked him , “What??”

He tore the receipt carefully and handed over to Aakaar. “Fine of Rs. 200 for not wearing helmet.”

he said, “I am having it here. I just forgot to wear. So leave me alone.”

Traffic police neither changed his expression nor his stand. Aakaar was frustrated and he could not tolerate this anymore. He just unlocked the helmet and wore it. Then started his bike. Then the traffic police took the key away. Aakaar said, “Don’t dare to mess with me. Give me my key back.”

Traffic police walked towards the shade as if he did not hear anything. Aakaar went to traffic police and tried to snatch the key when police did not give, he slapped that police with all his strength. Within minutes he was handcuffed and taken to the police station.

It became evening when Aakaar came back home. The entire days incidences had jammed his brain. He was not sure how the entire life changed just in couple of hours. His dreams and goals seemed meaningless now. His self-confidence was at it’s bottom. His mother enquired about where he was and a series of questions. He did not answer any of those expect that he is not feeling hungry. He went to his room and tried to hide himself in the dark room.

He could not sleep entire night. Only his failures were trying to come out and ask him to find the reason. He thinking in all directions to understand the reason but was unsuccessful. He started early in the morning and went for jogging. It was 4:30 AM and dark. He went to the same jogger’s park and continued jogging . He could see some movements near a bush. He tried to go near and see but picked up a stick in case there are any snakes. When he closed near that, he found an old man at his 80s was lying there holding his head. He was not bleeding but was going through lot of pain. He realized that this is a medical emergency. He called one auto and took him to the nearest hospital. Doctors said it is a brain hemorrhage.  He will not live for long. Find his family members soon. There were nothing at the old man’s purse or pocket to give me any clue. Aakaar requested the auto rickshaw driver to be here till he returns and he agreed. Aakaar went running to the park to see if any clue can be found. He could not find anything there as well. he asked the security guard but had luck. Then he saw Tithi is there in the park for some reason. It looked like she is searching for something. He did not look at her as she didn’t want to speak to him. He went to the nearest police station and reported that the old man he found may die soon and have to find his family. The same policeman who had harassed him the previous day came with him to the hospital. They took a photograph of the old man and put it on all local channels to find his relatives soon.

After sometime a family came rushing to the hospital. They were none other that the old man’s family. Doctor took their consent to remove the ventilator as he was brain dead and his vital organs have failed. He was almost dead. They took out the ventilator but his heart was functioning but was infected now. It was a matter of minutes. Suddenly Aakaar shouted, “please try saving him”. he felt somehow the old man can again get his life. He pleaded the doctors and his family members. Doctors somehow agreed to him and put the ventilator back and tried to monitor him. almost 6 to 7 hours went. He was still in the same situation. Suddenly in the afternoon his body started getting better. Doctors where surprised and his family members as well. After couple of days he was out of danger. Nobody could understand the logic. They came to Aakaar to ask him, why he said what he said. What was the logic. Aakaar was not sure himself.

By the time it was time to discharge the old man, Aakaar had become very good friend of many doctors and patients. He was like family member for that old man. He was a good storyteller. Many patients were waiting in the evening for him to come and tell stories. every time new and refreshing stories.  Hospital management allowed Aakaar to come to the hospital anytime even without any reason as they found patients were demanding for Aakaar and his stories have healing effect on patients. Doctors were even among his fans.

One day he was in the hospital when he heard loud noise. he came outside to see in emergency ward one girl was crying out of pain. He went there to see her and was shocked to see it was Tithi. She met with an bad accident with a truck while going in scooty. Doctors immediately took him to ICU and started treating her. Aakaar was standing entire time outside ICU and was enquiring about her health. Her parents and brother was there as well. Doctor came out and said, it’s getting worse and she had lost a lot of blood and it seems her body is not responding to the treatment. Aakaar said, “Can I come in doctor?”. Doctor said, “Aakaar, you definitely make patients better by telling stories which helps them relax psychologically but this case is far more complicated. So I don’t think it will help.”

Aakaar pleaded, “Can I try at least?”

Doctor was sure neither medicine can help her nor Aakaar, but still he gave Aakaar a chance.

Aakaar went inside to see her lying innocently on the bed. No sign of ego or anger. No emotions at all. He looked at her and thought,

Friends are the beings who love each other. So, I wanted a commitment from you so that our friendship will grow ever. Growth is necessary in any performing relationship. Anything on this earth which does not grow, decays. Look at the rocks. Tomorrow should be different from today. That will give life a meaning. We need commitment in every relationship. No relationship can last unless committed. I did not answer you the other day because you wanted me not to speak and I can’t break your wish. But today I will not listen to you. I am again asking you, will you be my friend forever? I want a commitment from you, will you be there in my journey forever? Okay let me give you the commitment first, I will be there with you in your journey forever. Will you? and continued..

Doctors and family members of Tithi were not sure what’s going on. Doctor came inside after sometime to see Tithi was dead and Aakaar was sitting on her bedside keeping his head on the bed. When doctor tried to wake Aakaar up they found that Aakaar was dead there as well. They both had smiling faces.


– Stray Dog


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