Journey To Bharat IV

Continued from Journey To Bharat III

Worried about my family. Wife, Kids, Parents, Friends. I kept my head down. I was not interested to listen to all those non-sense but I realized by now that I have no way to go back home. I was trapped in an island where nobody is having any kind of communication to the external world which I know as real world. The people here are mad and living on some strange philosophies which does make no sense to me. This country has no external affairs department and nobody was allowed to go out of this country. I could never believe such a country can exist ever. I am in no mood to learn all these crap. Who the hell are they to teach me what I should do and not let me go home.

She requested me to stay at her home and she promised to help me go out. I have started calling her Mausi. At least she did not look as scary as the family that rescued me. Mausi got dinner for me. Food looked delicious but bland. I could not express her about the tasteless food and I managed to eat the entire serving. She did not offer me to serve more as well. This looked little strange. Till date wherever I went, host always tried to feed me till I give up. But she hardly bothered to check whether I am full or not. To my surprise, mausi asked,

“If you are expecting some more food then you have to wait till morning.”

I did not ask any question but found it strange. But finding things strange was nothing new for me. She arranged bed for my sleep. It was a mat lying on the floor and a very think pillow. That looked very unformatted arrangement for a guest.  She asked me to go to bed. I thought let me go to sleep when I feel very sleepy. Otherwise getting sleep lying on that mat is going to be difficult. She looked at me and said, “Wash your ankles well, then Go and sit on the bed”. It sounded like an order so I did not question and followed her instructions.

I was sitting on my mat and then she sat facing me and asked me to close my eyes and listen and feel what she is saying. She started chanting mantras, “Aum… Purnamadah……..”, this continued without any interruption. One after another mantra continued and then she started repeating one mantra. I could not understand anything but she was chanting them beautifully. After some initial thoughts I started listening them and feeling the rhythm. After sometime, I was feeling lightweight and somewhat happy. I was feeling as if I am in the most beautiful place and at the best moment of life. My mind questioned this feeling and I opened my eyes to see nothing changed. Then I closed my eyes again, after sometime again I was feeling good. I decided just to enjoy the moment. Then suddenly I could see some images. images were getting clearer over time. I could see they are none other that my wife and kids, my parents. Kids are playing on the ground and my wife although looks sad but healthy and speaking to her friends. It made me feel that they are not having any trouble other than my absence. I wanted to keep looking at them for longer but after sometime suddenly all vanished. I realized that mausi had stopped reciting mantras. I opened by eyes to ask why did you stop but she smiled at me and said, “You have a very beautiful family. Don’t worry, you will go back home soon.”

I asked her, “But how could I see them. Is this some kind of telepresence or video conference software. How could you locate them? It’s impossible. Can they see me also? Are you doing some magic and showing me some fake images? Tell me mausi. Please don’t play with my mind. I am not in a state to accept any nonsense. I miss them badly.”

“Telepresence?? Video Conference?? what are those?”, she asked.

“Some modern technologies through which you can see people and can speak to people who have similar devices or facilities.”, I answered

She said, “ Not sure why people invest so much time and resources in building such devices which will make them dependent on those objects. Our mind has the capability to made astral  movement and go anywhere you want to see things and even talk to people without moving an inch.

When god invested so much in building our brain and body, there is no need to invest more. Rather we must utilize that and learn how best we can utilize that.”

“You mean was actually there when I saw them. Could they see me? Can I talk to them? If I can, please take me there, I want to hug my kids and tell my wife and parents that I am alive. So that they feel better. Please mausi, please do something”, I was pleading.

“Were you the best person, best husband, best son, best father, best citizen?”, She asked.

I thought for a while and said, “No, I was not. But what’s the need to be the best? I just want to live life as it comes. They still love me or accept me the way I am.”

“You got an opportunity to become the best and transform life of many people. I would like you to learn those skills and then go back so that you will have a life where you will be happy forever and live life dutifully. Don’t miss this opportunity. Let them miss you. You will go there physically and as a transformed person whom they can’t stop loving.”, she said.

I knew that arguing will not help. She said, “Go to sleep. That will help you.”

I tried to sleep and those beautiful images flashed. I was extremely happy but was missing them badly. Will they be ever be able to see me. With that thought I slept and woke up in the morning hearing some chirping of birds and mantras. I got up, washed my mount and came out to see a new morning. I was surprised to see almost everybody were moving towards a nearby river. I saw mausi was carrying one big pot and going. I asked her, “Where are you going?”. She said to take bath and et water for cooking. You to go to the river and take bath. I asked, “You don’t have water storage or pipe lines? Going to the river to take bath is so uncool. You are so backward.”

She said, “Anything that is forced to do anything is not of any good for anybody. If I force you to do something will be in your best mood and energy?”. I said, “No, but what has this to do with forcing?”.

“You taking the water from its natural location and force them to flow into your house to serve your purposes is what I am talking about. You use pumps to drag water from the water-body and then fill them and lock them in your water tank, then you again pump them up to your over head tank and finally open the tap to release them. Then you expect water to cleanse your body and mind? huh its so foolish.. Assume you know one singer who sings great songs to make you happy. You drag the person to your home and then lock him. Then when you wish to listen to his songs, you unlock him and tell him to sing your favorite song. Will he? Water is a respectable member of this society. It has emotions, memories, and great skills. It getting upset is more natural with this kind of torture. You must respect it to get its blessings. It is one of the five vital elements. This universe is surviving on its basis. You can’t disrespect it and get its benefits. If you need any water for your need, you must go near it and after permission take the portion that you need for your use. And water is generous enough to give you as mush to fulfill your need but won’t accept if you are greedy or lazy enough and take a large amount and store it for more days. Hope you understand this.” she paused and the again asked.  “Are you coming?” 

I said “yes” and followed her. It looks like entire Bharat was near the river and offering prayer before doing anything with water. This was a great feeling and I somewhat agreed with her.

After bath I was coming back to mausi’s house. I saw there was a beautiful forest on the way. It had many different beautiful trees and flowers. I asked mausi if I can go there and spend sometime there. I asked because she had said that because my chakras are not working properly it may harm others and its illegal to move around. She allowed me to go inside and told me to not talk to others much and come back home at the earliest.

To my surprise, it was not a forest but a big school inside. All kids between 7 years to 17 years were in that area. All were learning something. I could see all subjects being taught there. They are doing various experiments and those were of very high standard. All were using Sanskrit as their language. One kid suddenly came running and said looking at me for sometime. “Sir, your nerves near your heart and neck are not functioning as they should. There are so many blockages and it may lead to heart attack if not properly treated.”. Although I remembered the promise that I gave to mausi but could not resist asking him, “What are you talking about? How you could these? Do you have a scanning machine?”. 

He said, “Our brain has the capability to see that and my teacher just completed that subject. I may be little wrong but not completely. I am still practicing.”

I asked, “How old are you?”, he said, “13 year old sir”.

I was again shocked out of disbelief. I asked, “And what all you learn here? “. He said, “Everything that I need to help and protect myself, my family and my country.”

I asked, “But what’s your career plan? I mean, you want to be doctor  or engineer”

He said, “Astronomy is my favorite and I want to find the logical path that spirit takes since death till its next birth. I want to create a formula to easily understand who will become what in next birth. Let me try a little”. and he started looking at me and then write something on the ground. It looked like a formula.

“What are you doing here? How many times I asked you not to practice with people outside of ashram. next time I see you doing this, I will punish you. Go for the next class.”, A middle aged person came and scolded that kid.

“My apologies gentleman. He is still learning. “, he said. I asked, “But is he true to some extent in saying that  my nerves are not functioning and there are blockages.”

He said, “Yes sir. Your 2 chakra’s are not functioning properly and radiating negative energy. It must be making you very tired. I know you have taken shelter and Anasuya Mausi’s house. Please go to her. She is very good in treating chakra disorders.”, and he left.

I came back walking to Mausi’s house.

To be continued


– Stray Dog

I went inside the forest to s 


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