Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue


Photo and caption by Nirav Gajerawala

Caption: Soothing, Serene Blue reflections of sky in the waters of Udaisagar Lake in the backdrop of Udaigarh Palace in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India.

Location:Udaisagar Lake, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

“Huh!! you are my reflection. Don’t be so proud of yourself”, Blue sky said to calm ‘Udaisagar Lake’ when he found tons of visitors coming to enjoy the beauty of the lake and the Udaigarh Palace.

Humble lake shivered little with the excitement to find the blue sky’s jealous remark but looking at mother earths angry eyes it controlled itself. It realized that pride is not what he is known for and making blue sky jealous is not his motive either.

“I am your reflection mighty sky. I am the product of you and mother earth. If you would not have poured holy water into me and mother earth would not have been kind enough to hold me, I would have been lost somewhere in the ocean. I was born to help the profit-minded citizens of mother earth realize that hustle bustle are the spending of life where as tranquility is the real gain. I am here to whisper is people’s ears that Jealousy, pride, anger and hatred does not make anybody great. It is the tranquility, love, compassion what we really need to grow and reach greater heights. I am your reflection mighty sky. I bow my head in front of you for choosing me the one to help this rapidly decaying world.”, Lake replied.

“I am sorry! I forgot my role here. I am proud of you. It feels great when you learn from your own creation. My regards to mother earth for teaching you such beautiful lessons. Please excuse me now, I have to go now to get the stars back home as sun is about to set. Wish you a wonderful evening.” Sky said.


Note: Please click on the photo to go to National geographic Page and vote for my friend who has put this eternal photograph for a contest. You just have to click on the like button there.


– Stray Dog


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