Weekly Photo Challenge: Together


“Ever since I know you, we are together. There were situations when I needed help and you were present just beside me. You made your positions clear, Sometimes behind me to help me go forward and sometime ahead of me to check if road ahead is safe for me to proceed.

You made the moon brightest when I was happy and you just took the moon away from this vast sky when I needed solitude.

Your presence was felt in everything. Even the hottest sun and wet clothes due to uncontrollably flowing sweat gave me pleasure when you held my hand but never let me feel your physical presence.

I cried out of utter pain when you just pinched the core of my heart by remaining absent from my mind.

What made you choose me? I many a times feel, I am not worth you and your beautiful world”, I asked with a heart full of emotions and mind without slightest ego.

“Can you deny dear, we made this world together?

Could I have been into existence without you?

You made me, you nurtured me, you accepted me, and you rejected me at times as well. Your presence was what I needed when I built my beautiful world.

I did all these for my selfish motive. I built huge mountains of hope and smooth river of emotions only for you.

I am not great, you who made me great.

I am worth as much as you value me. Our togetherness is this world, your world, my world rather our world.

I made sound and your existence made it a music.

I made colors but you presence made it a picture. I am because of you not the other way round.

I love you”, my lord said.


– Stray Dog


Published by Sakti

Simple living, lots of talking

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

  1. so perfect
    happyness is when two hand tender hag me
    when your heart is to me
    when your smile is for me
    when your mind is to me
    and the world is so small with all this feel
    god.thank’s you choice him
    just for me
    love is miracle because is you
    song is sound because your soul is hot
    and sun ,sea ,sky,flower,
    is what i give
    and beautiful gold color
    creat for you.
    and this word come in my minde just thinking of you

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