That’s life!!!


“You don’t love me any more”, an upset wife passed the judgment over her husbands recent activities which made the wife feel that husband is indifferent about her. It required 370 tear drops, 48 new commitments and 59 minutes to change that judgment to a question mark, “Will you love me like this forever?”.

Did the quantity of love or affection change during this 59 minutes? Did the husband realize his mistake and promised to rectify it in these 59 minutes? Is wife clear about all the misconceptions she had about her husbands attention? I guess ‘No!!!’.

In most of our relationships we find little(little???) bitterness due to lack of time or attention and it can easily (not really!!!!) changed to a sweet one by spending some quality time where our full attention is on the relationship. But the reactions of the bitterness are sometimes so ugly that we do not dare to attempt giving enough attention. We fear end results or our ego (not sure where it stays) never wants us to bow down.

But, more than required time or attention is hazardous as well. Lowering ego to below minimum can cause damage to the relationship as well. This needs a perfect balance.

Interestingly all who are aware as well as who are unaware go through same pain in relationship. But is the pain in relationship bad. No way!!! Ask the person who has not felt that pain, life will be black and white without it. You need pain to call a walk as journey, a birth to death biological growth as life.

So discuss about it, find solutions about it, brainstorm about it, write poems about it but never try to solve it. That’s life!!!



– Stray Dog


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