A journey unknown

“Ting Tong”, Doorbell ringing at 3:00 AM in the morning is highly unusual. I did not let my eyelids open more than enough to see the way to reach the door and kept myself 90% in sleep mode. This is something which I have practiced over years so that minor disruptions do not break my sleep and I can resume sleep without much effort. I reached the main door and opened it without putting much effort on brain to play a guessing game.
“Hu ha ha ha”, a loud laughing sound came before I could properly see the face of the person. But this made it clear that one of my friend is trying to scare me. He repeated the same loud laughing sound continuously till I could see his face and despite all my efforts to scan my memory, I could not recognize him. He was of dark complexion, very healthy, wearing all different ornaments that we wear while doing mythological drama and a big fat moustache.

“Excuse me! Whom do you want to meet?”, I asked in a confused voice.

“Shrimaan Sakti Prasad Bagchi, I came to take you back. Your journey in this body ended. You have to carry on so that you can enhance your aatma to another level by taking another birth.”, Mr. Funny said.

“A Joke at this hour from an unknown is not funny. May I know your real identity and can you please tell me what you want and cut it short please. I have a very important meeting tomorrow morning. I need proper sleep”, I said and some traces of anger could be found in my tone.

Before I could expect some response he just grabbed me and jumped. I found myself flying in air and moving in a great speed. It felt like I am going into a tunnel in a very high speed and bright light is visible at the other end of the tunnel. After sometime I felt much relaxed, as if there are no attractions from anywhere, I am floating as my movement is driven by my thought. I found Mr. Funny beside me.

“Hey, What is this exactly going on?”, I found myself relaxed although I should have been anxious.

“As I told you earlier, Your journey ended and its time for the next one.”, He said.

“You mean I am dead!!”, I asked and I was extremely confused.

“Ha Ha Ha, You can never die fool. You can only separate from your body. Your consciousness, intellect and memory always remains with you. You enhance these by entering into a human body. Human body is scientifically designed to help enhance these. But everybody has certain limitations and it can enhance only up to certain point. Although one can overcome these limitations by utilizing human will/desire. Once you are done with your desired enhancement you have to leave the body so that you can get into another.”, He said.

“You mean it is like a journey from one place to another. Body is like a vehicle like train, bus or flight.”, I asked.,

“Absolutely!”, He answered.

“Then what about the people whom I loved so much and today I left them without thinking about their tomorrow? Is it not bad.”, I asked.

“Love and other emotions are again instrumental to enhance your consciousness, intellect and memory. It is very much necessary to care about them when you are in the body but do never think that your body is indispensible. Like you everybody is continuing their journey to reach their destination by enhancing their consciousness, intellect and memory. The void you create by not being there, is going to be instrumental in bringing the change in the world hence provide opportunity to many people to enhance their consciousness, intellect and memory. Like you entered into the body to help yourself and you left the body to help others. In every form you are doing something good.”, He explained.

I was confused but suddenly felt as if somebody kicked me.

I turned back and realized that I was sleeping and this was a dream. My friend who came to visit me after a long time kicked me to wake me up. He did not change his style of waking friends up since hostel days.



– Stray Dog


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