Who are you???

“Namaskar, Sat Shree Akal, Adaab and Welcome to the show ‘Who are you?’. You and me will play this game with entire world witnessing us from millions of Television sets. If you win (and I wish you win) you will receive the title of Insaan (Human). But there is nothing to worry if you can not win it, you have several other titles too in lower levels. If you answer first five questions correctly then you will be accepted as an animal, if the answer the questions between 6th and 10th then you will be called Devata  (God) and if you are lucky enough and you can answer the question 11th till 15th right, you will be called as Insaan (Human). So, are you ready or you have any questions before we start?” Host asked.

I was amazed by the set that they have decorated for this show. But still I ensured I put all my concentration on the host and his questions. I asked him, “How can you put Human above God?”.

“Ha Ha Ha !!” He laughed with a grace and pause. “Once you are done with this show I will answer you that question.”

“Okay, Let’s start the game without doing any further delay. First question!”, then he asked me a problem related to the recent project I am doing. I was surprised. Solving a work related software problem is an animal quality? He explained the reason after I answered his question correctly that working for survival is basic nature of any animal in this world. I was convinced. I was given title Animal-5

Then he asked me second question, “If there are two type of food served prepared by some unknown which one would you choose.I answered which looks better and smells good as the other one looked stale. He explained that choice of food by smell and look is also another basic nature of any animal. I was given title Animal-4

His third question was to know my reaction when anybody hurts verbally or physically to my near and dear ones. I answered him that I would fight back but the way to fight back would depend on the situation. Mostly I would try verbal method by using my tact, if that fails then I will attack physically. I was given title Animal-3

He asked me to choose between two houses which is given to me for free where, one has all facilities that I need and in another I have my loved ones but no facilities. I chose the latter thinking I can work hard to get all facilities but not the loved ones. He accepted that as an right answer and moved to the last question of animal level. I was given title Animal-2.

His 5th question was about maintaining cleanliness despite priorities of life. I usually forget to maintain cleanliness when I have work and I blame myself being unorganized but here the question was about winning the contest so I faked my answer saying I would always keep things and places clean despite priorities. He smiled and accepted my answer and gave me title of Animal no. 1.

Then he asked me 5 questions regarding my special skills and abilities. Most of them were either I had since birth and some I had developed by practice. He accepted every answer of mine as right and gave me title of Devata –1 at the end.

Then came the phase where I had to prove as human.

His first question in this phase was, what would I do if my loved one is kept in an island in the middle of the sea and I neither have money or skills to reach there to rescue. I answered saying, “I would devote my entire life to reach there and rescue my loved one. If it needs developing special skills then I would practice and acquire that skill but will never give up”. He accepted my answer and gave me Human –5 title.

Then his next question was what would I do if any bad practice is followed by my society and I know it is bad. I answered saying, “I would raise my voice”. He did not give me any title but moved on to the next question.

He asked, “What would you do if some treasure in the form of books, culture, architecture, knowledge are disrespected?”. I was not able to fake at this level. I answered saying, “I would feel bad”. He again did not give me any title and moved on.

“What would you do if you see another human in pain anywhere in my society?”. He asked. “I would feel bad”, I answered involuntarily. He moved to next question without giving any title once again.

“Thank you Gentleman for playing this wonderful game with me and I am glad to give you the title of Animal-2”.  He said. I protested, “But you had already given me the title of Human –5”.

He laughed, “Ask yourself gentleman. If you know your answer was fake this system will also know that this is fake. Being human is not easy my dear friend. Human is above all. You have to have all basic animal qualities, will power to develop any necessary skill that you lack  and understanding unspoken emotions. A little educated poor man or woman when can manage a family and raise their kids without doing any harm to a nation is more human than you educated people doing the same. You have the blessings and ability to do so much but you just feel bad and fake to convince yourself. Having great skills can make you Devata (God) but ability to utilize those skills effectively makes you Human. Even gods had to come to this world in human form to do some great deeds because human form is the only form where you can achieve the unachievable. But needless to worry by dear friend. You still have life and energy to achieve what you could not till date. Wish you good luck!!!”

I left the beautiful set wearing a animal-2 badge. Few stray dogs on the street barked at me and I thought they are considering me same as them looking at my badge.

Opened my eyes to see that I was sleeping on the couch on the Sunday morning after having my first cup of tea and some stray dogs were barking outside my house.


– Stray Dog


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5 thoughts on “Who are you???

  1. So what if you can read and write?
    So what if you can eat, drink and get married?
    So what if you can procreate yourself?
    So what if you can solve greatest mysteries of science?
    So what if you speak of the Vedas or grammar?
    So what if you enjoy yourself and have a good time?
    So what if you have grasped the distinctions?
    So what if you earn millions worth wealth?

    Unless and until you have grasped the essence of the Self
    Vain are all your efforts and
    like unseasoned rains,
    You have wasted your human birth.
    – Based on Narsinh Mehta’s famous poems.

  2. Sakti, really enjoyed this post. Another story expressed beautifully and with candor, finding wisdom to impart to its readers.

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