Who are you????

Since long I am seeing you everywhere and I just realized that all the problems I am facing or happening around me, is due to you. I see you are the person who is keeping the house untidy and lacks aesthetic sense. This causes me angry and unhappy. You are the person who spoils my mood in some or other way at the very beginning of the day. You are the person who does not know how to show love and care for people. You even do not care about your loved ones. You hardly remember the favors I have made to you. On my way to office I see you lack civic sense and do not follow traffic rules. This irritates me and I feel ashamed of living in a society where people like you live. I reach office and see you are not working smart or hard. You always find time to do everything except work and your logical reasoning skill is pathetic. You do not have any respect for company core values and it seems the word ‘discipline’ is not there in your dictionary. This makes me feel bad and always feel like getting rid of people like you. On weekends I find you bribing as well as taking bribe for almost everything you do. At this era when everybody is aware about negative effects of corruption, you are the kind of person who is keeping corruption alive. You have less respect for the country’s constitution or people. You avail any opportunity that comes your way and that benefits you by putting less effort,money or time although that is against the law of the land. People like you should be in Jail for pulling the country’s progress back. I see you finding time only for yourself and no time for the society specifically for the weaker sections of this society. Don’t you have a heart? You do not care about mother earth, environment as well as other fellow animals on this earth. You will suffer one day because of this carelessness, even if you somehow escape, your children certainly will. You do crime and you are cruel. I hate people like you.

Wherever I went I found you there. I cursed you but surprisingly when I tried to point a finger at you, I saw me in you.

Who are you????


– Stray Dog


Published by Sakti

Simple living, lots of talking

2 thoughts on “Who are you????

  1. One more time…almost predictable..u have written like this many a times before:):) Not bad but certainly not extraordinary.

  2. Thank you Darshak for your feedback. This will certainly help me be more creative in my writing and imaginations. Thank you for letting me know that expectation from me is much higher and your belief that I can do a better job. I will try my best 🙂

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