While coming to office I was in my usual thought mode and my auto pilot was on so I was going smoothly. Suddenly I received one error from the auto pilot software. My usual practice is to click on the ‘Ok’ button and continue but this time, I had only ‘Stop’ button available. I had to come out of my thought mode and apply break. One thin guy wearing shirt which looks like his father’s and a bag on his shoulder which might be carrying some documents came in front of me. I was extremely irritated at this activity which can be summed up on one word called ‘Non-sense’. He was as tall as me, sweating badly and wearing a loose spectacle which was almost about to touch the nose tip. He looked tired but energetic, frustrated but enthusiastic.looser but hopeful. He looked very familiar. I was not able to quickly recall where I have seen him till he extended his thin hand with gold ring on each possible finger for a handshake and introduced himself,  ‘Hi!! I am Sakti Prasad Bagchi’.

Yes, he was Sakti Prasad Bagchi, 12 years younger than me. I was pleasantly surprised to find him on the road. He called me to a road side tea shop for a small chat. I forgot about everything and went ahead with him. I asked, “Hey, what are you doing here?”. He immediately responded, “I am now searching for a job. I just came from one interview.”. From his excitement I sensed that he must had got the job. So I asked, “What happened?”. “They did one written test and I qualified that. It was nothing but the logical reasoning question. Then I was called for one technical interview and I answered almost all except the code I wrote on Linked list using Java. The chose me for the next round. I met with HR and the general manager of the company. They asked me about my background, why I am going to software being a mechanical engineer? Why I am here in this city leaving my home town etc.” he said. So, I was sure that he got the job but to confirm I asked, “Then??”. He said, “They said, they will get back to me. They are looking for people with software engineering degree. But I think they will take me as I answered their questions well.”. I smiled at him looking at his positive attitude. This is his 30+ interview and story of every interview is almost similar. I asked him, “Are you frustrated?”. He said, “No way!! Within a week I will get a job. I have planned a lot for my future. I am preserving all energy that I could have spent on frustration to utilize it at work, once I get a job. One Air Conditioned office with a coffee machine is waiting for me somewhere near the corner.”.

“How do you think you will be different from the huge crowd coming to this industry every day?” I asked. “Work assigned to me will be a blessing for the work. I am going to give my life to any work that will be given to me. People working with me will be always happy. Whether they are my colleagues or boss. Starting from security officer till the pantry boy will forget their worries once they meet me. I will charge up the work and the environment. I will have so many friends that I will not be able to manage. Perfection, Dedication and Happiness will be my identity. Okay, enough about my future. Tell me how is your present. Is it going as planned.”.

I knew he was asking me whether I met his dreams yet or not. I maintained silence for a while and then replied, “Not yet. I lost your dreams and positivity somewhere on the way. I got some new friends on the way in this journey. One was ‘Success’, who gave me more confidence and I tried for more ‘Success’ and this continued. We became good friends. But after sometime Success introduced me with two new friends, Arrogance and Laziness. There I lost you to some extent. I started disliking many thing and many people. My liking list reduced and dislike list is growing every day. I am becoming very choosy. Although I tried to avoid them a lot but they were walking just  beside me. I had no way to avoid them. But trust me once they go away from my path I will be exactly like what you want to become.”

He smiled and said, “I have to rush now. I have another interview to attend. I am sure I will have some good news by this evening. Regarding avoiding your new friends, just remember, you met me for some reason. See you sometime later. Please pay for my tea.”

I was surprised to see his optimism. Good guy but unlucky guy. I hope when his luck will click he will do something good.


– Stray Dog


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7 thoughts on “Hi!!

  1. Striking, Natural & real eye opener..u find another way to say something with an intresting way after back to future series & tee-a -tate with daddu…..reach in content with really strong emotions..Loved it…..

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