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আসি (Aasi – I will return)

“আসি” (I am going now and I will return) is something I say before leaving home. Since when I say this, I do not remember. I address it to the eldest member present. The custom is to take permission from the eldest member before leaving any place. This is often discredited, as it is something which sounds strange in the world where ‘bye bye’ is becoming the only word people should say before leaving irrespective of their tradition.

As I am one of the very few odd extinct entities, so I thought of studying little more on this subject and share.

‘Bye Bye’ is one informal usage of ‘Goodbye’. Good-bye is the contraction for ‘God be with ye’. Which means every parting member wishing the other for their well being by saying that ‘I pray God to be with you’. This is one wonderful message or prayer. But using it without knowing the real meaning of it is not the right sign of an modern society.

‘আসি (I will return)’ is used to satisfy two major purposes.

  1. Informing as well as taking permission from the senior most member present in that location before leaving.
    Bharatiya society is a great believer of doing things by taking permission of the senior members. Senior members of the family are placed exactly at the same position as god is.

2. Promising others that you will return.

This entire world survives on promises. If you see core of all transactions and deals then you will find that is only based on commitments. Two people stay together for entire life based on one social commitment called marriage. Once child comes to this earth, immediately both parents and child commit to take care of each other. Bank gives you loan based on your commitment to pay back in time. You keep your money in bank because bank gives you commitment that they will save the money and pay you interest on your savings. If you read the Indian currency note, you will find a statement written that ‘I promise to pay the bearer the sum of …’. So money is nothing but a paper with a promise.

Personal commitments are sometimes verbal  and most of the times emotional but others are usually documented. ‘আসি’ is one such commitment made to our loved ones that, I will take care of myself and you can trust me that I will return.

‘আসি’ I mentioned is in Bengali and I am sure the same practice must be followed in other Bharatiya languages.


– Stray Dog

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