“You are a science graduate, you have studied physics as your major, you have done research to break many age old myths. It is strange and unfortunate to hear that you believe in god. You think god will save your child. You think going to temple will bring prosperity to your family. It is a very unfortunate state of nation at least at the age when nations are ruling the world only based on their technical knowledge power.”, Harish told to Hiren, who was going to temple on a Monday Morning. Hiren smiled and said, “Don’t worry I will pray for you too” and left showing a pleasant gesture and avoided any arguments. Swati (Hiren’s wife), who was accompanying Hiren to the temple asked, “Why didn’t you say anything in return. He insulted you on the middle of the road.”, showing her frustration. Hiren said, “Few things should be kept out of discussions and arguments. I believe that is a wiser decision. As far as insulting me is concerned, that is just a perception. If I think it as insult then it is nothing other than insult. If I think this as a blabber of  an ignorant then it is a blabber. So, I would request you to ignore that and maintain the same respect for him as you had earlier.”

Couple of months later there was a huge global economic collapse. The private research institute where Harish and Hiren were working has announced its closure due to lack of funding. All the employees were badly disturbed as they were jobless and at the same time they had no opportunity to get job anywhere else too. Some who had savings were somehow managing and others who had loans were almost bankrupt. Financially as well as emotionally they were devastated. Suddenly Hiren received a call in the morning that Harish was admitted to the hospital. When Hiren and Swati rushed to the hospital they found Harish was in ICU. He had an heart attack while alone at home and fortunately his neighbor found him shouting and brought him to hospital. Hiren spent his savings to provide care to Harish. After couple of days he was fine and went back home. Although it was very clear that Harish  had done this due to bed debts, poor health of his wife and kids, helplessness without any ray of hope but Hiren preferred to ask him the reason. The same was told by Harish and the only thing that was seen is ‘Hopelessness’. Hiren asked, “Even I have same problems but why you lost hope so soon. You are a young man and can’t you find any option to earn money. My wife started preparing terracotta items with little investment and we are selling them to get some money. I am applying for jobs but at the same time teaching students of various classes to stay in touch with subject as well as earn money. You must have faith in god. He will certainly show you ways.”.

Harish said, “You finding ways to earn money is fine but being a scientist, teaching school children is it not shameful. Making things and selling is not what my family would ever like to do. And please don’t tell me to have faith in god. Will he give me job. I can get job only by my own talent provided there are opportunities as there.”, he said.

Hiren smiled and said, “There are only two reasons to feel proud of. Taking care of self (body and mind) as well as family well without causing harm to anybody, should be the main reason why a person should feel proud of himself. Taking care of society and nation at the time of need should be the another important reason to feel proud of. There is nothing else which should make yourself feel proud of yourself. If you are feeling you were a scientist and you feel proud of that fact, then that is a false pride. I am taking care of my family well and at the same time teaching students to help the society so I am proud not ashamed. My wife who had a passion to make a career in art and craft got this wonderful opportunity to start her career afresh and we both are extremely proud of it.

When I was a kid and I needed help, I used to go to my parents. As long as parents are there you feel unreasonably safe despite the badness of the situation. When you feel safe and free from fear, you find ways to tackle the situation. So, they need not help you in any means but you get tremendous courage to tackle any situation. This is applicable to any senior at home. Example, If you are having a fight with somebody and your brother comes to that spot, you get more courage and strength. But human support can not be there forever because nobody is immortal. So, it is necessary to believe an entity who is immortal and will be there with you forever in you. This belief has to start much before problems come so that you can bank on it at the time of difficulties. God may not give you the job what you want but can provide you the options to choose from. You don’t feel stuck at any moment. You have somebody to bank on and you know HE will provide you some ways. God is within you. Just awaken HIM and believe in HIM. HE will sail you through all difficulties. God instructed me to do whatever I am doing for my living and to remain calm. God advised me to help you financially despite my situation is not very flourishing. God gave me assurance that you will get well soon and stand on your own feet once again. Get well soon Harish, my students will be coming home for tuition now. God will not be happy if I make them wait.”. Hiren said and left.

After couple of weeks Hiren got a job in a India based Multinational with a higher package than what he was getting in his previous company. He continued his tuitions but only on weekends. His wife’s terracotta work became very famous in the city and started getting orders from other cities as well. His daughter stood first in Gita chanting completion organized by Chimany Mission trust and doing great in studies.

Harish started following Hiren in teaching students but did not work out well. Then he started a small club for children to make them get introduced to science in early age. He also got lectureship in one college. After few months he got job in a god company and continued his research. His wife continued the science club for children. Their daughter has won Mathematics Olympiad.

They both started going to the same temple. One day a young scientist met them on the way to temple and asked, “Can’t believe that you guys have studied science and going to temple to offer fruit to god. This country is now known for supremacy in science and you guys are pulling it back.”. They both smiled and went ahead saying, “Don’t worry, we will pray for you too”.


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15 thoughts on “God?

  1. too good..GOD is great..he is a master of all..he always try and test you and as soon as you start loosing faith in him, he comes up with a lots of confusing options and again start his testing game.:):)

  2. God is the science we study. How did the science become?
    We may not realize it, but we render God so small, almost fairytale-like, it’s inevitable some will ‘under-think’ and lose touch. If we could only know that our creator is so vast, it’s impossible to wrap our arms around. God is!

  3. Hmm…

    “God is within you. Just awaken HIM and believe in HIM.”

    This is the key phrase.

    Sakti… I must talk to you over tea someday.
    I am not at all religious, but am not an atheist either… This topic is my favorite.
    looking forward to share thoughts with you.

  4. God is an aliet race living on a remote planet or different dimension. if you go back in past say 100 yr and show a super sonic air crft they will treate you as scientist rather a genius scientist , you go 500 yrs and they will treate you as magician if you go 1000 you will be god to them. We treate someone as god when our current knowledge of science can not remotely explain what we see. I don’t hate faith and worshiping god thing either,its better to have faith in someone smarter than you than to watch TV. But5000 yrs from now god may not be as mystirious or glorious as we do him now.

    1. I agree with you. This is the most popular belief among most of my friends. The GOD I am trying to explain here absolutely does not exist anywhere outside and I guaranty you that you will never be able to find HIM. It is your self-confidence, your belief on yourself, your desire to be truthful yet prosperous, and the components that motivates you from within. The more you have faith on yourself rather than any other external entity; you are more near to god. But unfortunately in difficult times we find it difficult to continue the confidence or faith on ourselves, we need something external to cry on the shoulder. Hence I visualize my confidence, inner strength and elements of motivation in the form of GOD.

  5. Agreed. I don’t have spiritualism its the religion and the tengible and materialistic form of god that kills me. Nevertheless a nice read. But like many of your friends I do believe creating good myth is to control human an indirect slavery. We are not free heheheh I don’t completely buy this idea but the more I look into religion and mythology and vary notion for the need to have an external god, the more I hate it.
    Keep it up

    1. 🙂 I agree with you almost in everything you said. I do not believe god is somebody external but is within you and in Nature which nurtures us every moment. Great social scientist (Rishis) gave form and name to god to make it easiler for people to get attracted towards HIM and then engaging futher will help them understand the real meaning. But unfortunately it is misused very often as people want quicker result. I used to hate as you mentioned but when I realized that by you can awaken god in various ways I stopped hating but didn’t start following that either. I also realized that by hating I am disrespecting the GOD in me. So I usually have One on One with God than a team meeting. 🙂

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