Opaque Wall

I woke up early in the morning hearing birds chirping on my windowpane. Two birds came to fight on my window. I could not find any difference in their fighting style and my kids. They both were making more noise than action. I went to see the beauty of the morning standing on the window and I saw one peacock dancing in the rain, with its luscious tail spread out behind it. I was amazed to view this spectacular show. But in few seconds he went to a place where it was no longer visible due to the wall. I shouted at the wall, “Why do you always stop the magnificent views? Can’t you become transparent when I want you to be?”. “Look at yourself first before shouting at me”, the wall shouted.

It continued, “You can’t see through the walls that you create in your mind and you are blaming me. How many times you misunderstand your loved ones by their exterior looks or actions.”.  I did not expect the wall to talk to me in such a rude manner early in the morning. Anyway, responding to every blame made on me is my inherent quality.

I responded, “Humans have god gifted ability to speak their mind. They are not as dumb as you.”. The wall laughed loudly to offend me more. “You think the ability to speak is the way to understand other persons mind? This is just a calculated result of severe mathematical calculations that happen in one’s mind. It hardly conveys the truth. Sometime your loved one shouts at you and you think he/she is trying to put you down. Sometimes they don’t talk to you and you consider this as their arrogance. You hardly try to understand the pain your loved one is going through and react based on their reactions. Every human being has a thick wall around them and if you love the person then you must try to peep through the wall to understand the reality. Every man or woman has many responsibilities, worries and aspirations but they show you only the amount you need to see. If you love him or her then you must see beyond what is seen. Because the other person loves you, you expect he or she must share their mind but you dumb human, it is not their responsibility to share, rather it is your responsibility to dig through and explore the pain or problem inside.”

I said, “Who said we don’t do that? I always ask my loved ones if I see any worries in their face. We have eyes to see if my loved one is in good mood or not. Don’t teach me all these.”. Wall smiled and said, “Huh! You can see? Emotions can not be seen. It can only be felt. In order to understand it you have to put additional efforts to observe not merely see the external reactions. If you really want the see the peacock dancing at the other side of me then you must put efforts to jump me to see the beauty. But as you want things to be shown or told, you want to make me transparent. You fool better go to sleep.”

At the age of remote control, I just wanted things to happen by pressing some buttons and somehow it has affected the way relationships are maintained.  I want to see and understand others by putting very little effort. But thankfully something’s I life are still not so easy to achieve.


– Stray Dog


Published by Sakti

Simple living, lots of talking

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