Are you matured?

A peahen came and sat on my balcony. She was not aware that I was standing there. She looked at the sky and found dark clouds on the western sky. After doing some calculation in her mind she started screaming. Her boy friend sitting on the top of a nearby tree shouted back to her. They continued their conversation for couple of minutes.

I was extremely irritated with her voice. I raised my hand and made a ‘get out’ noise , “Hsss”. She looked at me turning her long neck and asked me, “What!!??”. I said, “Why are you shouting?”. She said, “We are not shouting. We are calculating the time when it will rain next time. Me and my friend just now found that it will not rain until 4:00 PM in the evening.”.

“And you want me to believe you?”, I said laughing. She was bit irritated and made so many neck expressions. I am saying neck expression because her face is so small that it is difficult for me to find facial expressions and her neck is long enough that it overshadows all other expressions.

“You know what? I do not want to talk to you or any humans in that matter. The most dumb creature I have ever seen in my entire life time. Most of you never grow up in life.” she said with anger.

“Whoa Whoa Whoa!!! You are saying we are not grown ups? We are the most advanced creature on this earth. That is the reason, I have a balcony and you don’t.”, She immediately flew from the balcony to the nearby tree and then said, “I don’t need, that is the reason I don’t have. I have enough maturity to understand and possess only the stuffs that I need. Unlike you. You have so many things in your house, which you have purchased paying your hard earned money that you do not need more than a moment. or may be couple of moments. You spend your life time to earn money that you spend in buying stuffs that do not last for more than couple of years at the maximum. You ignore people and your surroundings to get something that do not last long. If this is not immaturity, then what?”.

I understood that she has a point and I had no reason to fight with her anymore. I thought, as I am a human and obviously most intelligent, let me utilize this opportunity. I asked her, “I am sorry if I offended you. I was joking.”. She didn’t say anything but came flying back to my .

I asked her, “What is the meaning of grown up in your view?”. She said, “Knowing how to replace skill with physical power. A kid will cry when born because it does not know how to ask. It uses its physical power to express. Once it learns how to speak, it prefers to ask than crying. Now you see so many people, who are physically grownups but still do not know how to speak to get the work done and shout or cry or keep quiet and burn their heart. So, they are yet to grow. A kid will try to break things because he/she does not know how to open it. Lack of skill at any level makes you think that physical strength is the only alternative option. Physical strength is the illusion that god has created to hide the actual skills. Even Physical beauty can be considered as physical strength. Many a times you get biased by exterior looks and start trusting or mistrusting some people. The reason is either they are unable to demonstrate their actual skills or you overlooked actual skills and just focused on exteriors. You shout at your kids when they do something wrong and you know that it goes into deaf years as far as actual issue is concerned. This negativity adds to their stock that they have been carrying since their birth to shape their negative characters when they grow up. Your intention is to make them understand something and knowing that, you do something (Shouting ) that can only confuse them and create misunderstanding. So, you lack the skill to make them understand and use the default option which is nothing but physical power.

You think that every physical power display has an equal and opposite power display option. If somebody does/says anything bad to you, you think reciprocating that is the only option you have. Then the most powerful physically, despite righteousness, wins and it is a lose lose situation for both. If you would have been a grown up then you would never reciprocate a physical power with your physical strength. Then the first thing that will happen is the other person will reduce his physical pressure on you. Like if you ask your friends to push you and you do not resist him while he is pushing, then he stops pushing you naturally. Then use your mental skills and righteousness to win over him. Then that will make some sense to be called as a human and a grown up.

Her boyfriend shouted, “She said, he is calling me to find out the forecast in Karelibaug area. I have to go now. Just remember one thing, when you have to use your physical strength (Muscle power, Vocal cord power, Physical appearance, tear power ), think if there are alternatives. You will get amazing results. And never ever joke with a peahen in life. Good day!!”, She left the place.

Poor me always underestimated people around me and thought I am the most matured that I can be. But today I learnt the immaturity in me is more that my little maturity. But that made me think that I am not ‘35 year old’ rather ‘35 year young’ as I have to learn so much.


– Stray Dog


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