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Energy can not be created or destroyed. The total resources available in this universe is constant. One takes the form of another and thus we see things and situations changing around us. Rise of something always causes fall of something else somewhere. Once you see one society/country/race/religion is at its peak and then one time comes when the ones who were very powerful/successful/influential/good suddenly became the opposite and new players came into picture. These new players are not completely new, they may be the leaders of sometime in history. The requirement document that the creator received while assigned to the job of creation, the most vital point was that overall resources will remain constant, but it should be ever-changing. The reason it should be ever-changing is because the customer of this creation never wanted to get bored. The design of maintaining the overall resources constant and changing the forms of objects/emotions/living beings present in it is the beauty of this creation. These changes may sometimes take thousand of years and sometime it may change in seconds.

Now whether you agree or not, I have completed my job of proving that total resources are constant. The same applies to us. Total number of hours in our day is constant. We are asked to grow, physically, mentally, socially, economically and spiritually by our super customer. Amount of energy we can retain within us is constant. We receive positive as well as negative energies from various sources in various forms through out the day. We retain the amount of energy that is written in the specification and radiate excess (Both Positive as well as negative). So with limited energy holding capability we have to grow in various fronts. This requires conversion of energy from one form to another.

I will focus focus on social growth in this post. Growing socially requires a certain amount of energy. With various social networking sites we have become extremely social. I wish my school friend on his birthday with whom I never spoke in school after standard 4 because he has thrown ink on my white uniform because I did not give him chana. I know where my manager went on vacation while he applied leave stating that he was unwell.I know which standard my son is studying because my wife posted the photos.I know that my ex-colleague whom I had put on Performance Improvement Plan and let him go out of the company to live a jobless life has bought a super expensive car as he joined the top-notch company in a developed country. I know everything, everybody and any time I have information.I have joined Google+ (Read it as any social networking site).

But there has to be a Google- in order to make Google+ happen. Do I know the name of all the people who are staying in my society? Do I know who just came new to this society or who left? Do I know the kids playing in the playground and their parents? Do I know who is there digging the road in my society and is doing on whose instruction? Do I know what job my neighbor does and what is his position in office? Do I know whether he is involved in any unsocial or criminal activities? Do I know the view point of people staying in my office floor, forget viewpoint, do I know their name at least? Nah! This is nothing but Google-.

If terrorist activities are happening or unsocial activities happening in any place the cause of it may be many but the major cause is Google-. If we truly connect with each other then we will not have any untoward incidence in our society or neighborhood.


– Stray Dog


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2 thoughts on “Google – (Minus)

  1. “Energy can not be created or destroyed. The total resources available in this universe is constant.”

    It can be proved. Just draw time vs user graph of MySpace, Facebook and Google+ You will find it

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