Please close the door!

I came out of working region of my floor towards SET (stairs, elevator and toilet) region  or you can say, Air Conditioned region to non air-conditioned region. I heard one lady was requesting repeatedly to close the door. I could not find her anywhere but I could locate that her voice is coming from the elevator. I tried to search her inside elevator but could not. So, without bothering much I closed the door as I was in a hurry to answer natures call. As soon as I closed the door, lift rushed to another floor without a second thought. So, I realized it was the lift which was requesting me to close the door so that, it can continue it’s work. I pitied her for not being self-sufficient. I used to make fun of her by telling her a 1947 model one, But what about us. Are we self-sufficient even after being ultramodern?

If I have a weakness and I know about it, but I do not take any action on it, then am I not worse than that elevator? At least the elevator shouts openly and asks for help till it gets any, but what do I do, just ignore or suppress my weaknesses or inner voice. There are some situations where we are not in a mood or we do not have time to hear our inner voice and by chance we hear it, mostly we ignore it. We justify or prove that inner voice is wrong. This suppressed inner voices leads us to a state where either we call ourselves as stressed or we buy some disease from the pool of mental disease available in the market.

It may look strange that the voice which is closest is not audible to us but music playing far away catches our ear’s radar, but that is true. Our body and mind speaks to us every moment. But our outward focus is not letting us hear that. The reason we are focusing outward because we find that easy to understand. It is like one of your friend talks to you about new movie and another telling you about Philosophy. You mostly turn your attention towards new movie topic. The same is applied here. Our inner self talks to us about us but we never took interest to learn its language and understand it. Now when it shouts in the form of pain or fever, we immediately turn our attention. Ignoring self has become a fashion now as opposed to Bharatiya Philosophy. Yoga, Pranayama, Ayurveda and every great things that Bharat has invented so far is by just listening to inner voice, observing body, observing breath, feeling our naadi and interpreting it. But we in modern society are so busy, so do not have time to listen to all those. Rather I would say, we are lazy enough to try to understand the difficult ones. When we have a simple option, why bother. But we forget that simple one is not an option at all. 

Inner self tells us what it likes and what it is not. If you just follow its instruction, you will find you are enjoying. But we have to be careful, sometimes it dislikes good or likes bad. In those situation it just needs training.In order to know what is good or bad, you may have to refer books. Just like before buying a car you do so much investigation to know which one is best, you have to do the same to know which is good and which is bad. I would prefer to believe the theories which are proven since several thousand years than a new contradictory invention to decide what is right and what is wrong.

I used to get irritated with the repeated request from my office lift , “Please close the door, कृपया दरवाज़ा बंद करो” as soon as I open the door but now I respect it because it knows what it wants to do.




– Stray Dog


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3 thoughts on “Please close the door!

  1. We so get used to listen outer world noise that we not even noticing that we do have inner world.

  2. Very well said sirji.. I agree with you and believe the same… Also wish to add two things..

    The first reply for any deeds comes from GOD.
    Always learn to command your brain rather than just following what it says…

    I am not sure how much true it is, but this is what I personally believe.

  3. They say Raag Malhaar brings rain. Yes, you heard it right, it does bring rain. It showers rain of emotions in you when you sing/listen it. Stupid me, I expect rain in outer field.

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