Happy Birthday to Me!!!

I am experiencing earth completing 34th rotation around Sun, as per Gregorian calendar, while I am writing this blog. 34 various seasons tried to make me a seasoned living creature on this earth. Born as a Bengali, brought up as a confident Odia with a beautiful Bengali blend on it, nurtured by various different cultures of Bharat and influenced by many countries of this world. I am standing here tall, proud, happy and successful. In order to avoid any dispute, I would say the previous statement is as per my own but strong belief. Over the years, I had to go through many formal and informal learning and unlearning sessions. But I am writing this with the little learning that is still intact in me.

Life is a great university. Whose first and the most experienced teacher is Mother or Maa. She gets the opportunity to teach only in nursery and kindergarten. Then Father continued teaching for some years till I felt I know more than my parents. Gradually various other teachers start taking over. Some stayed for very short time and some for a very long time. These teachers contradicted with themselves many a times. The obvious result was confusion. Then gradually a phase came where I dared to choose teachers whom I must trust and whom not. This decision was not easy enough and I took a lot of time to decide that. Then finally I made a list of teachers to believe in. Surprisingly parents topped that list of teachers, whom I did not believe qualified enough to teach me. Not sure how long I will remain enrolled to this university and what all changes I will see but I am sure I will keep on learning.

Life is a bank where you have to pay the loans regularly and invest wisely. Some loans were taken as soon as I entered into this world and  some more I took during this 34 years. Loans from parents, society, country and  mother earth has indebted me to a great extent. Careless attitude, improper choice and extreme ego made me miss the payments many a times. As you know, banks never forget/forgive your loans. Investment in some mutual funds like, family future, future society, future country and future mother earth has not been very regular either. Hence over all I am financially in a very devastated situation. But I will not let myself be declared as bankrupt. This hope is still making me happy.

I am very happy today and thankful to everything and everybody in and around me.

So, Please wish me happy Birthday!! Yes I mean it. Do not wait and there is no reason to hesitate as I am not hesitating to ask for it. When I am hungry, I do not hesitate to ask for food to my near and dear ones then why hesitate when I need emotional food like wishes. I need your wishes desperately to make my above mentioned bank account healthier and to earn my degrees  in above university. Please do not gift wrap them because I may not understand them well.

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

PS: My Original Birthday is on 5th June but officially 7th June. Don’t tell anybody about this clerical mistake. You may wish me any day  and there is a liberty to wish me +-365 days from these days.


– Stray Dog


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5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!!!

  1. Best(and true) Wishes come in package.Package contains power & skills to make those wishes true. My sincere wishes for life ahead! I am sure, you will reduce considerable debt in life ahead! All the best!

  2. Wish you many happy returns of the day.
    Thank you for your blogs which is entertaining
    and also food for thought.
    Wishing you all the very best

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