Stray Dog

I am very popular in this locality. I have caught four thieves in the past year. Everybody likes me because I never entered anybody’s house and I have never used to touch their dustbins. My only source for food was the public dustbin. I used to maintain my self-imposed restrictions and do things as per my wish.

I know everybody in this locality by their smell. Many stinks and many others who smell very pleasant. Please do not misunderstand my smelling ability which can be confused by perfumes or deodorants. This is the real smell, the smell of their character. There are many, looking at whom, my tail swings unknowingly and there are many, at whom I bark unknowingly as well. I had only one problem in life that I was starving. I had a desire to eat a full meal every day. In this world of stray dogs where we have to share every chunk of food in the dustbin, it was difficult for me to fulfill that desire.

One day one nicely smelling person came and called me towards him. I went and started swinging my tail at jet speed. I went near him and started smelling and licking his shoes, then tried to sniff and lick his fingers. He carefully moved his palm under my neck. I felt so good that I slept on the road and let him caress my belly.

His son said, “Papa, Take him home. I will play with him”. His son smelled very good as well. Usually, all kids smell good. I went and licked his son’s fingers also, but he was a bit scared. I took a step back. Then his father took me in his lap to his home.

He had a beautiful house. They were a small but beautiful family. Husband, wife and a kid. The first thing they did was gave me a bath of my life with some ugly smelling thing. As soon as they applied that on me it formed foams. I am not too fond of foams. Then they took me to someplace and gave me a shot of my life in my thigh. After that, I had delicious food and played with that kid with a rubber ball. Days passed by, and I became very close to them. Good food, nice shelter, and people only love me here. What else could I have expected in life?

They used to ask me to jump and catch stuff. I used to do that. I had learned some tricks on the road, so I showed them. They used to clap and appreciate me. When any visitor used to come to their home, they used to ask me to do the tricks. I used to do that immediately, and all used to appreciate. I felt excellent. Nobody recognized me for doing these when I was a stray dog.

Then one morning at around 3:00 AM, I heard a noise and smelled something terrible. I got up and went to that place. I found a thief who was trying to steal some valuables. I barked at him and went running to catch him. He ran from there to escape, and I ran behind him. He climbed the boundary wall and ran away. I tried to jump the boundary wall but could not. I was surprised as I have jumped boundary walls higher than this, but upon several tries also, I could not succeed this time. That thief had taken some valuables with him. My house owner and his wife got up hearing my barks. After some time, they realized that some valuables had been stolen. They were very upset with me. More than they, I was angry of myself. I am that dog who has caught about four thieves in the past year from various part of the locality, but this time I could not catch the thief that entered my house. I realized that by being a pet dog, I am losing my instinct and character. I felt terrible and left home when nobody was watching.

Then I came back to my original locality. Nothing was the same as before. Either the municipality van or circus company had picked my friends. As per rule Municipality vans should take us and then keep us in some hostel after vaccination. However, the truth is that they kill us in some deserted land. I had escaped from them very tactically in past several occasions I sat in the footpath, confused and unsure about my future.

I saw, Jackie from the neighboring locality was running for his life to escape from Municipality van and told me “Run, Run Van is coming. Save your life”. I got up and ran. However, by then it was late, and some people from Municipal corporation threw a net on me, and I was stuck. They were about to put me in the van, but my owner saw this as he was searching for me. He requested van people to release me. He tried to convince them by saying that I have been vaccinated and I do not bite anybody. He also assured that he would take me home and keep him there.

I was now in a situation where one side I have all worldly pleasures but I may lose my natural qualities and the other hand my life may be at risk. When I weighed my options, I realized that death might be a better option than losing my character. I better die than living a dependent and embarrassing life.

I intentionally started barking at my owner madly and acted as if I am going to bite him. I made dirty faces so that I look scary. Then municipality corporation people said, it is not safe to leave me open as it seems like I have become mad. So they took me along with them. Not sure what they will do with me but I am sure I chose the option that I believed in.


– Stray Dog


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4 thoughts on “Stray Dog

  1. Very impressed with your writing Sakti. Well done indeed.

    Btw, there is a suspicious looking video link at the end of your post. See if you remove it.

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